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A literature essay should show how well students are able to analyze a literary work in terms of the author’s techniques and their effect on the reader. The question or instruction will contain certain words that the student should note. These words will refer to specific items the instructor wants to see dealt with in the essay, for example, theme, character development or rhyme. The thesis statement for the literature essay should be constructed with these keywords in mind. From the thesis statement, the student can pick two or three passages from the work that will be analyzed to help prove the thesis statement.

These passages will be looked at in the body paragraphs of the essay, and specific words or phrases from them should be quoted and examined in detail. It is up to the student to demonstrate his or her knowledge, not to assume the reader will understand what the passages mean. Each point made should be directly linked to the thesis argument early in the paragraph. Students also need to consider what the most logical structure for the points is. How can the paragraphs fit? The conclusion of the literature essay needs to do more than sum up what has been discussed. It should say how the points made prove the thesis statement to be true.

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This type of essay requires students to use persuasive techniques, to show they understand how to critique a literary work, and to actually have an opinion on what they have read. Obviously, it is essential for students to have read the works they will be writing about, and to be aware of what effects the author makes and how. If students have not read the text or do not understand literary technique then they are going to have a lot of trouble in writing a good literature essay. For students looking for help with literature essays, comparative essays, persuasive essays or academic papers of another kind, is the answer. We are an online custom writing service that has been in business for years, thanks to our qualified teams of writers and our satisfied customers.

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