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A book review comprises analysis, description, and devaluation of a certain literary work. This paper conveys the writer’s opinion backed up with evidence from the book. If you would like to know how to write a book review, consider:

  • Title – what does it tell you?
  • Preface and acknowledgement – how informative is it? If this is a scholarly work, identify its limitations and the aspects of the work the author seems to have ignored.
  • Skim the Table of Contents to identify the main ideas and topics, how they are organized and developed, etc.

Academic Book Review Writing

Introduction – inform the readers about your intention and the scope of the writing. Be sure to name the work that you will be analyzing and its author. Sometimes it is appropriate to include a full citation, with the publisher, edition, place, and so on.

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Start with a hook – you should try to grasp the readers’ attention from the very first sentence. This sentence should also set the tone of the review. Remember to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and refer to them at each stage of writing. Some editors prefer direct recommendations in the book review while others do not.

Review the book. This means writing about the book that you have read and not the one you wish this author had written.
In some book reviews, it might be appropriate to include the background information, such as the author’s reputation and qualifications, the circumstances under which the book was written, and so on.

While writing a book review, think about your target audience. Who is going to read it? An avid reader with a huge book collection? Or maybe the review is for people who are looking for information on the topic? Knowing your intended audience is important because it shapes the approach to writing. If you find it difficult to identify the audience, you can buy book review services online.

Having written the main body, move on to conclusion. This is the last paragraph of your paper, so you should summarize the main points and maybe include some final assessment, but no more. Do not introduce any new ideas here.
When the review is ready, let it be for some time and then come back to revise it.

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Guidelines on Writing a Review on a Fiction Book

Consider the following guidelines but keep in mind that these are suggestions. You do not have to answer each question in your paper.

  • What was the story?
  • How did you like the characters? Were they believable?
  • How did the main characters deal with conflict?
  • Who is your most favorite character? How will you justify your choice?

Share your personal experience:

  • Did you relate to any of the characters?
  • Were their feelings familiar to you?
  • What is your overall opinion of the book?
  • Which part of the book is your favorite and why?
  • Which part of the book did you like the least?

Personal recommendation

  • Does this book receive your approval?
  • Who do you think would like this book?

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How We Write Book Reviews: Essential Information

We read a literary text carefully and pay undivided attention to the slightest details. Having analyzed the text, we then form our opinion about it. Readers either like the book or they do not. However, the ability to support your reaction with solid evidence is what makes your reviews good.
Naturally, not everyone has what it takes to create a compelling review. If writing is not on the list of your talents, consider hiring an expert who will help you cope with a written task. You can buy book review services and forget about this task. Custom written reviews are a perfect option for you if you:

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Assigning book reviews is a common practice in most learning institutions. The reasons why students cannot cope with this written assignment well are also common:

  • Insufficient time
  • Lack of writing skills
  • No interest in the assigned reading

The task to create a review gets even more complicated if the piece that has to be reviewed is overly complicated or too long. If you have to review a five-hundred-page book, you must be asking yourself: “It will take me forever to read this book, let alone analyze it and write a review on it!” But the length of a book is no reason to panic! Simply buy a book review essay from and let our experts worry about it.
Along with reading a book, a reviewer has to:

  1. Study the biography of the author.
  2. Familiarize oneself with the background of the story, such as the timeline it covers, the context in which it was created, and so on.
  3. Do research on the publisher.
  4. Note down all important facts while reading.
  5. Formulate one’s thesis statement.
  6. Be prepared to defend it with strong evidence from the text.
  7. Revise, edit, and proofread the draft.
  8. Finish the review by the submission deadline.

Of course, all these steps are time-consuming, so most students end up pulling all-nighters and skipping some of the steps, which rarely results in high grades. You can buy book review from us and get an excellent piece with minimum investment of your time and efforts.

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