Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Our company offers a special service known as progressive delivery, which is designed to facilitate the management of any papers that are very large and/or complex. This generally means papers that are 20 pages long (typed in double-spacing) or 10 pages long (typed in single-spacing).

Advantages of Progressive Delivery:

  • Possible for customers to track writing progress since the order will be delivered to the customer for their approval in parts or drafts prior to the final submission deadline.
  • A free revision period of up to 30 days (whereas regular revision time is just 2 days).
  • One of our best writers and editors assigned to each order.
  • We assign a personal overseer or manager to monitor each order with a view to ensuring it is successfully completed and that all communication between you and your writer is fast, effective, and efficient.

How drafts are delivered*:

  • Where orders have an urgency level of not more than four (4) days, we send one draft before 50% of the deadline has passed (e.g., where an order has a 2-day deadline, we send a draft when 1 day has expired). We send 25% of the entire paper (e.g., where an order size equals 20 pages, we send the customer 5 pages of a draft).
  • Where orders have an urgency level of 5 to 11 days, we send two separate drafts when 25% and 50% of the deadline has passed. We send 25% and 50% of the entire order respectively;
  • Where orders have an urgency level of 12 days or more, we send three separate drafts when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline has passed. We send 25%, 50%, and 75% of the entire order respectively.

This special service only costs +15% of the total price of the order.

* Should a customer wish to receive their order by a different means, we can work out personalized plan according to their wishes and the peculiarities of their order. In these cases, customers are advised to discuss the details with the person who is responsible for managing their order.

One-Page Summaries of Your Order

Summaries are an additional service we offer. This means receiving an entire paper briefly summarized on a one 300-word page showing the paper’s key points. Summaries are recommended for anyone who may have to do a live presentation on the topic they have been researching.

One-Page Drafts of Your Order

Our draft service enables customers to receive their orders in 1-page draft form (e.g., a 300-word draft in double-spacing or a 600-word draft in single-spacing) once 50% of the order’s deadline has expired. So, for example, in the case of an order with a deadline of 4 days, we will send your draft when 2 days have expired.

Extended Revisions

We guarantee to revise any paper you receive from us provided we receive your request within 48 hours after delivery. An extended revision prolongs the time for revision for up to a fortnight – 14 days!

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