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A movie critique essay is a piece of academic writing, the core purpose of which is to critically evaluate and analyze a certain movie. When assigned a movie review, a student needs to know for sure what its structure is. Particularly, a writer should first start with a concise overview of the storyline without delving too much into details. It is important to provide only a brief summary and organize the rest of the essay around the critical analysis of the main points and issues raised in the movie. When writing a movie critique paper, it is essential to focus both on the strengths and weaknesses of the film. It is equally important to provide a personal viewpoint regarding the movie quality and whether it can be recommended for watching. When providing a critical evaluation, it is a must to support and back-up each claim or argument with sufficient evidence, namely experts’ opinions as well as examples and illustrations taken from credible sources. Additionally, to demonstrate that you have really watched the movie, you need to provide specific examples from it (quotes or citations).

Organization of the Movie Review

1. Introduction. When writing a movie critique paper, make sure to briefly summarize the plot of the movie, introduce its main characters, pinpoint to the central issue or problem. End the introduction with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement, where you need to clearly formulate the main argument of the movie critique.

2. The main body. When you do movie critique writing, you need to discuss the main ideas or arguments in the body paragraphs. On average, the number of body paragraphs depends on the overall length of your paper. Remember to organize the body paragraphs in such a way that each of them conveys a single idea.

3. Conclusive paragraph. Here you must not introduce any new points. Just restate the thesis statement and summarize the main findings. If personal opinion needs to be included in the essay, make sure you add it to the conclusion.

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Tactics How to Write a High-Quality Movie Critique

  • Discuss the main characters of the movie. How well do they fit into the overall storyline/ scene/ film genre, etc.? Focus on what relations they have between one another and how well they interact. Analyze their behavior, motivation, etc.
  • Analyze the plot of the film in great detail. Is it catchy/ interesting/ attractive? Does it capture the attention of the audience from the first minutes of the film? Are there any mysteries or secrets? Are they revealed?
  • Analyze the dialogues between the characters. What meaning do they have? What idea is conveyed by them? Are they clear to understand? Are they symbolic?
  • What weaknesses does the movie have? How could you improve the movie if you were a director?

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare a Movie Critique

For students having no experience in writing critical and analytical papers, it seems that working on a movie review is a really challenging task. However, the biggest difficulty is encountered by those students who have no writing plan. If you prepare a plan or an outline well in advance and if you think about what parts your critique will have, what idea the thesis will formulate, etc., you will find that it does not take that much effort to compose a movie critique.

To ensure that you provide an effective movie review, follow these guidelines:

1. Watch the assigned film for at least two times. The first one in order grasp the general notion of the movie, notice some issues, problems or concepts, and jot down facts that you need to review once again or pay attention to them later. The second time is a means to maintain focus on important turn of events, etc. If you have not seen the assigned movie before, it is a must to watch at least two times.

2. Be an active viewer. Make sure you think, contemplate, and analyze in the process of watching. Take notes and always remember to jot down the characters’ names, the main locations, events, and other key points that you notice in the movie. Keep in mind that you will have to watch the movie with pauses.

3. Make sure you identify logical parts of the movie. Also, make sure to identify the topic(s) in the movie and identify the core elements each topic deals with.

4. Make sure you jot down notes about each of the main characters (or important characters in the movie storyline). Make sure you understand who the protagonists and antagonists in the movie are. Focus on their role in the movie.

5. Evaluate the role of the film director and the whole crew working on the movie creation. Pay attention to the visual and sound effects as well as costumes.

6. Write a brief and succinct summary of the film plot. Identify the key events. What role do they play in the film?

5-Paragraph Structure for the Movie Critique:

Paragraph 1: provide a brief background of the movie (the title, director, main characters, year of release, theme, and a strong and clear thesis statement highlighting the main idea).

Paragraph 2: write a brief summary of the storyline.

Paragraph 3: provide information on the overall message/ idea conveyed in the movie and settings.

Paragraph 4: provide a critical analysis and evaluation of the cinematographic techniques and strategies.

Paragraph 5: write a conclusion, where you reiterate the thesis and the main findings of the movie analysis.

Post-Writing Technique: edit and proofread the essay. Make sure you pay attention to the content (structure and paragraph organization, transitions, development of ideas, etc.). Afterwards, proofread your paper for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, as well as typos.

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