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An argumentative essay is often mistaken to be an opinionated paper. This is partly true because an opinion can be an argument but argumentation is more than just having something to say about an issue. It involves the complex art of rhetoric: using words to effectively create meaning. Simply having an opinion is not enough. You have to be able to defend it and prove it is reasonable compared to other arguments made by other people. Argumentation relies on reason; it makes inductions, conclusions, theories, hypotheses and opinions based on logic. However, logic alone is insufficient without back up from valid and up to date facts. A paper that argues one’s position on a particular issue or phenomenon must go through a process of research, critical thinking and logical reasoning. The aim is not just to assert one’s own views but also to convince others to share one’s perspective. How then, should you write an effective argumentative essay?

Always keep in mind that not all readers will agree with what you are saying. Your argumentative essay should not be overly aggressive to avoid putting off readers. State your arguments clearly and convince the readers with reasoning. One technique is to state the opposing views to your arguments and debunk them one by one followed up with valid evidence. Start the introduction (first paragraph) with a thesis statement that tells your position on an issue. Do not stray from the topic. Only include relevant information. After writing, ask others to review your paper.

Most students seek help in making their academic writing assignments. Some ask their professors for tips about how to choose the right topic, how to make the outline, which writing style to follow, etc. Some go online to find answers while some have tutors help them. Tutors however, may not always agree with what the student proposes. In an argumentative essay, it is the student’s opinion that should be defended. If the tutor and student do not agree, both will have a hard time working together.

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