Writing on teen age

       The teen age, on one hand appears as one of the best and the liveliest times of the life of every person. A teenager is in his youth and sequestered from any kind of social obligation which people have to follow in their later adult lives. Every moment of the teen life can be enjoyed to the fullest. On the other hand, in the teen life their can be carious problems. Some of the problems can be imaginary and unrealistic but some of them require immediate attention.

Any good essay on the teens should concentrate on these serious problems that faced by the teenagers in their daily life. If one has a specific problem, they can write a personal essay on the teen age elucidating and making an effort to find a solution to the problem.

In a case that you are content, you can still search for topics for a discussion on the essay on teens. Some of the topics which can be written on are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, in the essay on teens, there are many social problems which can be covered. For instance problems pertaining abortions, alcohol, drug use or sexually transmitted diseases. These are the burning issues of the teen age thus; any of the above mentioned issues can be taken and written on as an argumentative and an informative essay.
  • Another problem of the teenagers which can be addressed in the essay on teen is depression. It is one of the most compelling factors of teenage suicide in the world. The youth is usually more passionate and sensitive, often being unable to handle their feelings and emotions. You never know that your essay might just be helpful to any teenager in need of it.
  • There are other social issues also which can be delved into while writing an essay for teens. For instance, the impact of the new culture of pop on the youth or the impact of television and movies, video games and other forms of media. These days teenagers usually dedicate their leisure time in these activities. Thereby, one can mention in the essay the negatives and the positives of these leisure activities.

These are only few topics for the essays on teen age. There should certainly be no difficulty in completing the task also because every writer has been through that phase.

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