Writing Descriptive essays

       Descriptive essay is about lucidly explaining or describing the place, person, object, incident or an event etc, giving the reader a feeling of experiencing the thing explained or described. This experience is the result of the way the writer describes his observation of the happening or the thing described. The most important point is to present an account of the things so as to make the reader feel as if he is going through or observing the same thing himself.

Various strategies to elucidate something in these kinds of essays are given below:

  • Using clear, vibrant, creative, vivid language.
  • Using diverse terminology.
  • Using different examples and anecdotes.
  • Applying fascinating contrasts.
  • Stimulating senses.
  • Transforming something usual into some unexpected or amazing thing.
  • Using visual representations or images to attract the senses of the readers.
  • Using enough of emotions and feelings.

The principles or guidelines on which the descriptive essays are written are to make the thing described or explained in the essay absolutely clear to the reader, making a clear overriding impression and they can be written either subjectively or objectively.

The structure and organisation of the essay must always be kept in mind while writing an essay. The essay should start with an introduction, following general to particular approach or deduction process along with the thesis statement, then the main body paragraphs with separate paragraph describing the topic, and ending with a conclusion which restates or reemphasises your thesis statement and conclude lose ends, if any. The planning of the essay must be followed by a draft of the text and revision of the draft until it is according to your expectations.

Efforts must be done to make the writing interesting and engrossing for the reader by involving few unusual characteristics or unseen segment about the topic. These unexpected turns help to grab readers’ attention. Detailing the event or the thing as much as possible aids the reader in getting a picture clear view and experience of the happening. The diction used should succeed in appealing to the senses of the readers and while concentrating on all those descriptions which stimulate readers’ senses. Attention should be paid to move the reader in spatial and chronological order. Using a comparative approach to explain things also helps in better understanding of the subject by the reader. The basic strategy for these essays is the presentation and showing the readers than narration or telling them about the various details.

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