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Writing and Researching Skills Self – Assessment

Writing is a skill that one acquires in the course of his study. It entails reading and encouragement to write from teachers in school. Professional sources argue that proficient writers are mostly assisted by their tutors who guide them to write for genuine purposes and the right audience.  However, teachers ought to recognize the writing skill self-assessment as a critical issue, failure to which, student may give up the task. For instance, when one is writing a research paper, they ought to conduct a thesis statement that outlines the integration of one’s learning experiences for the period they have been in school. A thesis statement also should capture the content that one is going to discuss in the entire paper.

The best way to assess one’s writing skills is by applying the holistic and analytic assessment skills. Holistic mode of assessment enables the learner to read through a large volume of work through skills like scanning, skimming, distinguishing main facts and points from minor as well as supporting ones. The learner also learns the communicative skills and develops both writing and reading skills. Conversely, analytic assessment does not require speed reading like holistic does. Instead, the reader should read critically and carefully so as to identify the mistakes and errors in the work. The holistic and analytic skills combined enable students develop critical thinking skills, decision making alongside excellent reading and writing skills. 

Contemporary research carried out has shown that students, who use writer’s workshops, manage to discover the concept of the audience and the issues to be addressed in their writing. The awareness and control of text-structured knowledge from reading texts may help one in the field of research as well as writing. The research self-assessment requires motivation from tutors as well as guidelines on the materials of research. This helps the scholars compare their work with their colleagues for perfection. Students may also hold discussions which gives an avenue for expanding ones knowledge. Personal presentations in class give one an opportunity to be rated by the panel hence; mistakes and errors become eliminated (Huber-Warring, 2010).

It is essential that students and instructors conduct assessment regularly though; students who conduct self-assessment save the instructor’s valuable time. With the modern technology, online assessment is possible. For example, participative research has become a most efficient way to link to online researchers. It entails critical thinking and collection of raw data, which at long last, one links to the online researchers for assessment. That applies if the online researchers belong to the same level as the one researching. This practice encourages equality of making critical decisions and participation throughout the world. Moreover, collaborative support is offered by the members, an aspect that gives one the feeling of appreciation. Through this, there is room for improvement for those participating as well as enhancing of good research and writing skills (Mann, 2006).

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of any writer or researcher is to produce a master-piece of the work he/she is doing. This gives one drive to perfect on the two skills as they are related. For example, if one wishes to write on the myths and customs of a certain community, a good survey is required to gather the facts of the raw data from the society. Therefore, self-assessment is required at all levels of academic institutions in order to produce quality work.

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