Watching Television and Obesity

Comprehensive research has been developed in the study of the effects of watching a lot of television in the childhood era. Through the comprehensive study many researcher have come up with many conclusions which shows imminent effects in watching a lot of television in the younger and child hood age. In this study essay research is going to based on the effects of television in the development or source of many childhood diseases such as obesity. Obesity can be caused by television watching as latest research has showed through the development of laziness. Doctors has diagnosed the many reasons of obesity occurrence among them is television. Television itself cannot cause obesity but through a lot of television watching such as reducing the activeness of a person can lead to the development of a lazy individual and the reduction of the general body functionality, (Barness, 2007).


Therefore in this emphasis will be raised on the issue how television watching causes obesity not only in kids but teens. Study will be based on the study in the regard to the inactiveness caused by sitting in a sofa watching television without the experience of any physical of breaking down of any absorbed nutrients in the body. More so various ways in which television watching can cause of make someone to lack physical interests will also be checked and crosschecked with obesity. Television can cause or develops different characters in kids and teens; however there are also good things which come from watching television like education programs which helps in developing speech and other home based knowledge. School based programs help one top learn through different teachings in the television. A television can also be used a communication tool for informing people in different parts of the country and world in informing others although the benefits will not be covered here.


A recent study in the United States of America shows that a lot of children spend most of their leisure time watching television and playing other video games in front of screens or projectors. The American Journal of Clinical nutrition published a research in the effects of watching television in which the teen or kids mostly spent time watching television, the more likely the kids or children who likes watching television develops differently like the others who are involved in more activities in the homestead, school and other centers. Those watching television actually developed to be fatter and less active in physical formation due to their inability to work physically. Apart from the study, their ability I the physical formation and developments was tested in which results showed in an extra hour of watching television the kids improved or showed an extra pound of body fat mass increased by every longer our  a child spends in watching television. But other factors added value to the ability of the body to increase it body mass.

Other research also showed that the kids do not vitamin based food such as foods rich in vitamins like fruits and vegetable about they tend to take foods with very high rates of calories which are accumulated in the body without being broken down due to the physical inactiveness of the child. The food taken during the period of watching television are among the basic developments of obesity which is increased daily by the lack of activeness of the child or teen who likes to be idle and staying in the same place without even moving towards any other place while watching television. Obesity has been one f the major physic deformations which affects many kids in the development of the physical formation in their body constituents.

Article summary

Summarization of the article may be difficult in determining the development of proper results in the determination of the effects of television in the development of obesity in children and teens. From this article research shows that a lot of kids are always napping while watching television and this increases the accumulation of fatty tissues in the body. The more the accumulation of these fatty tissues results in the formation of obesity in the general body deformation which affects it nutrition of the body. The investigators or the researchers have both analyzed the effects of watching television for a long time. These effects have undesirable causes such s the cause of obesity in kids which results in weight increase or body mass increase, (Kushne, 2007).

The causes of obesity in kids or children with the tendency of watching television for longer hours are many but the situations which leads to the formation of obesity includes the displacement of the physical activities which results in the reduction of the body metabolic rates, increased fatty calorie consumption while watching or caused by the effects of eating the same type of junky foods rich in sugar and fats for longer periods and finally the reduction of the leisure and resting body functioning metabolism responsible for the general body metabolism which helps in the activities related in the breakdown of foods and absorption into the blood stream. this results and outcomes have both been emphasized and developed for the general specific results production but still some are not associated while others are, therefore in the understating ability of the techniques involved in the research for the effects of longer watching of television may differ slightly but all in all obesity is one of the effects of watching television for longer hours without the outside stimulation stimuli.

There are many reasons involved in this study. Firstly, it is the study about television in the younger age or childhood and its effects in the childhood development like physical, mental and social characteristics; this was conducted to determine the truth the television can define a child’s behavior while growing up. The reason in this study is basically based in the perception of television in the cause of physical activeness that may lead to the situation of obesity in the child development while growing from the younger ages. Secondly the research also emphasized on the effects of watching television; Television makes one act –like in the zombie way of being inactiveness, reduction in the body general metabolism hence it reduces the ability of the body to breakdown and process the many fats deposited through the ingestion of a lot fatty stuffs. And finally, to define the relationship between the occurrence of watching a television and developing the condition of obesity, while understanding who are younger in age attacked or who develop the condition of eating unhealthy foods without vitamins. Without foods rich in vitamins the composition of fatty deposits in the body tissues increases causing greater mass accumulation. 

Research was conducted to proof and ascertain the above studies with there major goals being accomplished, children were asked how long did they spent watching television, while eating sweet and foods rich in calories. Several experiments and studies, in the issue of reducing television viewing, was also used in their recent trials o ascertain if the longer ones spend watching television in hypothesis is like the major one of the educational programs also that have recently have been completed. Most of these studies were not tested directly to determine the effects of reducing television viewing, the television watching experience behaviors alone, but their results support the suggestion that reducing television viewing may help to reduce the risk for obesity or help promote weight loss in obese children. A few children were presented who were obese and in the reduction of the body fatness and analysis. An experiment that was one school-based, experimental study was designed specifically to test directly the causal relationship between television viewing behaviors and body fatness.

There were many results obtained from this study which involved the study of the time spent in watching television and the general relationship in the cause of obese. Therefore the results showed that the occurrence of obese in many kids is caused by the time they spent alone watching television while in taking the junky foods rich in calories or fats. Pediatric doctors who did the analysis study were astonished when each child who appeared in their clinics with the obese condition, when asked if they had television in their homes they said yes. Therefore from their comprehensive case study the results showed that many kids are affected by their lack of physical activeness and the inactive or reduced metabolism which is associated with the breakdown of molecular fatty tissues in the body.

The results in this case study were generally computed in the retreatment of the children who were all administered from suffering the effects of obese. Since the majority of kids watching television were all affected with obese, the results showed the possession of television in many homesteads showed the factorial presence of obese in many kids. These results showed the effects of television in the developments and causing a various types of diseases which affects the body development and functionality through the intake of various kinds of foods which are not healthy. The proper body metabolism is affected; there is no muscle activeness which helps in the more decomposition of the fatty calories which are ingested while watching television as it is a tendency of many kids.

Unfortunately not all foods contain a lot of calories and are therefore ingested during the longer hours of watching television. Many foods ingested or taken during the [period of watching television is not health and therefore they lack the three variety of a balanced food ratios. That is proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, but research shows that majority take food rich in one category like a lot of carbohydrates while others like proteins are not there. Therefore there is need for kids and teens to take a balanced diet in foods either junky like a lot intake of fruits, vegetables which are freshly prepared and rich in other vitamins which are used as the basic body nutrition sources. Vitamins help to produce peptides which help in the digestion of fatty acids and the breakdown of calories to harmless constituents which can easily be absorbed by the body into its blood stream without causing massive accumulation, (Drewnowsk, 2004).

There are many implications which are invoked by the following research in this case scenario. Many people don’t believe that watching their television or spending their leisure time in front a screen is a source of entertainment not a source of diseases. It’s argumentative from a viewer’s point of view but doctors and other nutritionists that the foods taken during the occasion of watching a television programs, are not healthy and therefore caution should be taken in what the people mostly kids take in order to minimize the development of diseases.

Not only the foods they take but the time they take to watch the various television programs also matters most since different people watch television in different ways. Many kids stay glued in watching television for longer hours than others. The longer you stay glued to a television screen the longer your physical body becomes inactive this may result in dangerous healthy complications. The ways of viewing the TVs differs from person to person but the research showed that kids stay glued in watching TVs  without being involved in the general physical development of breaking down extra mass and calories which might have been accumulated in the longer hours of watching television without being involved physically.

There are many implications which come with inactiveness and taking of a lot of junky foods with no physical exercises. The muscles tend to relapse since they are not involved in any physical developments or working in any way. Exerting extra energies in the working daily works like performing the home chores may help to relax one’s muscle and breakdown any extra fats or calories in the body tissues wit mush greater reduction of fatty acids which hinder digestion and results in greater massive accumulation in the body, Without them being physically broken down fatty calories can lead to many sources of diseases which weakens a person’s immune system, (Rosenbaum, 2005).

Also being inactive reduces a person’s metabolic system. This is the body stem responsible in the absorption of food into blood stream. The metabolic rates in our body are directly proportional with the activeness in our muscles, which helps to increase aerobic respiration and increases the amount of oxygen in our muscles hence it improves the rates at which food is broken down and absorbed into the blood stream. Higher amounts of oxygen helps to activate higher rates in the metabolic rates thus breakdown of fatty calories is increased. Kids in the biological study should have a higher metabolic rate than teens but unfortunately with the higher intake of calories foods not rich in a balanced diet, it leads to a disorder in the metabolic rates which cannot improve the breakdown of both food calories. Therefore from many other studies showed that the body also produces its own calories used in balancing the body temperatures in its proper state. By increasing the accumulation in the body of calories it may lead to many other complications apart from obesity which have health consequences in body development of many kids, (Shagam, 2009).

This research is comprehensive and ha pointed out the relation of watching television and the obesity not only in adults but also in kids. The research is mainly based in one day based school in which study was done in the determination of the effects of watching television, but there needs to be more information regarding the techniques of watching television which can lead in the development of obesity or overweighing of a person. Other research has showed that advertisement commercials which are always repeated tend to influence many viewers in what they take. The way companies commercialize their advertisement may figuratively impose or influence a person’s of viewing of the commercial ad the way the person may decide on what to eat. Seeing an advertisement on television for food and beverages, there is a very probability that it is not going to promote vegetables or other kinds of foods available like carbohydrates. This is repeated after every commercial break while streaming a program, therefore, within one hour of television watching, you will be exposed to approximately at least 20 food and beverage commercials. Form the study above it is shown that many food and beverage commercials have a great impact on people; this develops the impact of exposing people to much food stuffs. With constant exposure to many food images that are not that healthy to our blood stream and body development may bring obsession in the craving of having to take the food. These may lead to a person being making the food and beverages the center of attention. This will led to a person purchasing the tasty food always advertised thus increasing the intake of higher calories in the body which t does not need.

Women tend to eat more while watching television which is more than the body wants. In a day if the normal food intake is thrice, the longer hours you spend in watching television are longer hence there is a higher intake of an extra meal. The reasoning behind watching television has a very high tendency in influencing a person in taking a lot of food. Television can be a source of entertainment and also distractions from our daily routines like the eating routine way and the way our body works. As an example watching a n interesting TVs program absorbs ones attention and in that it turns to be something different liking eating a lot of food stuffs without determining what exactly am taking and the quantity due to distractions from the TV program. There is a reason why we have the propensity to eat more while we are watching television. When we are munching and watching TV at the same time focus and attention necessarily pay attention to what we are doing; overeating is therefore becomes very common. A person may not only eat while hungry but can also feel the need to eat even though he/she are not hungry resulting in higher food intakes and great levels of calories, (Moore, 2004).

“The relationship between television viewing and obesity has been examined in a relatively large number of cross-sectional epidemiologic studies but few longitudinal studies. Many of these studies have found relatively weak, positive associations, but others have found no associations or mixed results” the above quote is obtained from a draft which is the main case study of this essay in which there is to be complete and fully understandability in the section of the effects of television and its relation to obesity.

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There are many direct relations has seen from above about the development and occurrence of obesity. From the initial point obesity was related with the inactiveness of a person’s physical form which directly reduces the metabolic rate and hence more accumulation of calories in the body. Secondly the longer hours one spend sin watching television increase the general intake  a person takes in a day since television creates a distraction in  a person which diminishes his/her attention from the normal daily perception of reality.

There are also proposed ways in which a normal person can perform or practice in the reduction of obesity and the way of watching television. It is presented that 10 hours spent in watching television in a week are not harmful to a person’s way of working either physically and food intake. Taking a simple walk daily for 30 minutes increases the muscle absorption of oxygen in the body therefore increasing the metabolic rates of a person or child. Also the intake of food while watching television should be all be balanced both in its constituent form of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore many may desire to differ but from many studies done by researchers worldwide and pediatric and nutritionist doctors have all come up with the hypotheses that television watching is directly related with obesity, (Robinson, 2008).

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