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Video Games

Attention Statement- How many of you have played, still play or have friends who play video games? Especially, the combat video games present in the market of late.

Topic- Today I want to talk about video games in relation to whether they promote violence or not.

Importance- This has emerged as one of the crucial, currently debated issues when it comes to analysing the growth, development and social interaction of teenagers with their family members and people outside their homes. Therefore, it is necessary to note if video games are the reasons perpetuating the early cases of violence witnessed among the youths today or not (Desert Trails). Preview of Main Points- First, I will talk a little on the background of video games. Next, I will explain to you how video games promote violence and finally the fact they can also be beneficial; meaning that they do not promote violence per se.


First, since 1972 video games have increasingly become popular and part of life for any growing teenager with Nolan Bushnell Company established by Atari emerging as one of the leading Video game companies in the world (Kent, 2001). However, in 1986 the video game industry further evolved when Nintendo took over ownership and released the Nintendo Entertainment System while Sega followed suit and released the Mortal Kombat series in 1997. These games sold the most because of their combat-based plot formation and characteristic violent games among others. The current wave of violence traces back to the start of video game filming; in 1992, and the version of combat games have not changed ever since but instead keep on evolving. This has ignited many debates from concerned educators and parents concerning the benefits behind the video games in the market today hence making the basis of my presentation today.

Next: Video games promote violence in that it is evident after exposure to video games most teens exhibit aggressive behaviour and tendencies leading to violence (Choi, 2010). The video games perpetuate violence following several factors:

• They spark aggressive thoughts, which in return, increase the likelihood of one reacting violently or aggressively when provoked; hence whatever actions directed to them, they would always perceive them as hostile advances.

• The increased indulgence in video games will also directly affect the behaviour of teenagers; because to them advances or actions in life have to involve aggressiveness (this is their perceived thought).

• Playing video games arouses the urge and the tendency of a teenager to implement, practically, whatever he or she has seen in video. This, in turn, changes their behaviour into frequent aggression and advances to provoke violence (Bestor & Hong, 2007).

Lastly: Video games do not promote violent behaviour as much as people claim that the increased youth violence relates to their excessive indulgence in video game playing. First, violence in youth has had the lowest margin compared to other violence in over 20years and all the people who have committed violence has absorbed less aggressive behaviour from media; most of the people committing violent crimes are pushed by provocation or in-born aggressive behaviour. I support that most violent youths are gamers, but most of them only major in general video games not combat specifically; so it does not mean that all video games promote violent behaviour. Any sound individual understand that what goes on in those videos is imaginary hence, they would not do that in real life because the consequences are different entirely. Video games have benefits such as increasing hand to eye co-ordination and quick, active response to observation. On the other hand, young kids learn a lot on how to read from such games as few of those games are solely combat-structured; and other statements tied to them are secondary to their main objectives.

In conclusion, several arguments have emerged on video games and violence following incidents such as the Columbine incident in April 1999 where Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed students in their school, teachers and lastly themselves (King & Borland, 2003). As a result, people have panicked and ganged up to oppose video games as the state tries to sanction the increased production on the same, but just as movies have their negative influence and positive so are the video games.

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