University Student Life

Spending life at a university is probably the healthiest way to discover an individual’s talents and capabilities. This is because university has a wider platform than any other learning institution, for offering diverse learning environment. There are two groups in university; the working class and the non-working class. The working, holding a minor share of the university enrolled students, comprises of individuals who are employed or self-employed (Farrington, 1996). The non-working class comprises of students who are just fresh from other learning institution and individuals from the job market who have decided to concentrate wholly on education. The majority of university students are the non-working class who have minimal life and work experience.  Summer classes for university students offer a platform for the student to engage in research and discover their potential in each aspect of education and co-curricular activities that they are interested in. Research in summer classes develop and enhance university students experience in life and work situation.

Dimensions of Research as a University Way of Life

University life delivers vital and reflective atmosphere for students, in the dimension of assisting students in their fields. The university statutes guarantee opening of so many doors to assist students in conducting their research smoothly, thus, better reflection of talents and capabilities. After all, experience is the best teacher that there is. There are multiple corporations that are interested in funding research especially that is done by a university student. The companies later take the students into the companies. Therefore, there is much for students to gin during research programs in summer at the university. The students are also able to practice and incorporate theory discussions into real life research and practical learning. Practical learning or hands on the job achieved through research play a large role in shaping students for the job market. The research can either be formal or informal. For example, an informal research can be in the dimension where students do not necessarily take note or use point of reference in conducting research. The dimension of this research is usually based on socialization and networking platform. It helps students to makes decision on the best company to hang out with or make friends. Research is done on a personal note evaluation of people characters and how they influence networking and socialization. Through this research, students are able to realize their strong point and weaknesses when approaching new friends. At the university, students form socialization and party groups, which are a decider and influence of student’s behavior. Students engage in such clubs or groups and realize if they can truly fit in the groups they chose. Sometimes, the students through evaluation and comparison of their principals with the real activities of the group may opt for quitting the group (Gillespie, 1983).

Research is a way to guarantee the university students great scholarship research and it just proves how much students are willing to learn and improve the fields that they learn. There are those that conduct researches in order to find out if what they are taught in class is practical or true. Then there are those that conduct research in order to add flavor and content into the field that they operate in. The latter are the ones who receive most scholarships as the sponsors are more interested in developers rather than verifiers. A number of the research projects end up being sold by the students or used for the purpose of the sponsoring entity for the students. There are a couple of research projects that have yielded a lot, and made the student researcher a force to reckon. The most popular of those researchers is Bill Gates who founded Microsoft as a student. Bill Gates acts a motivation for many students in doing research. This is because the students realize how challenging it is to make research while in the job market, as an individual has a commitment to work, and there are very minimal facilities to conduct research. Another fear is that research at the work place may lead to conformation between the employee and the employer, as they fight for control rights for the researched subject. Students also conduct research in the university as a way of socialization and discovering new worlds, information and experience. Students who excel in their research may be sponsored to work for the sponsoring companies or the sponsors may make a deal with the students. A student who conducts research at the university is better placed to secure a scholarship for his school fees or for the projects.

Research is a form of learning, as it impacts relevant and reliable skills to compliment class teachings. A large percentage of student’s time is spent on research or hands on the job learning. Research gives students a wider view of the presented problem as the students are in a position to evaluate the course work or add value to the course work by making inventions. Lazy students may find research the hardest part of their school life. This is because most students get into university with the mind that university means freedom to do whatever one feels like doing. To curb this problem, a number of schools have introduced research as part of the examination. This is very helpful in checking the rate of response and understanding in each student. However, there are a number of students who cheat by paying professionals to conduct research for them at a fee. This is quite wrong, since research is meant to help students cover a wider scope of the presented problem. This is because research has no straightforward answers. For a healthy learning process, students concentrate on conducting research on their own in order to have a deeper understanding of the presented problem. Some universities have award schemes for students who show amazing and quality skills of research. Moreover, the research part is also inclusive in the term paper examination total marks. Therefore, when a student excels in the research, his overall grade improves. Research is almost similar to the practical bit of the syllabus. This is because the student will be engaged in activities that help him to think why, when, how and what. If a student is able to answer those questions with regards to the presented problem, then the student will have a better understanding of the problem.

A research has almost all components of practical learning or hands on the job learning which are essential in building the learning and working experience of students. For example, in place of work experience, an interviewer may ask a candidate if he or she has conducted any personal research. A research may qualify as part of work experience as it involves amalgamation of diverse elements found in the work place. The most important of those elements are hands on the job experience. Through research, students are able to spend the majority of their time trying to solve problems that they may encounter in the work field. As they try to source research answers outside the school scope, either through library or by meeting professionals, they are able to network and communicate. Being in a position to make new contacts and communicate is the most essential part of the job. This is because whichever job a person chooses, he or she cannot do it alone as one needs complimentary jobs or business. This calls for networking to solve the work-related problems. Just like the work environment, research also calls for networking and communication. At university, students have multiple choices to research on as per their course subjects. However, students are warned that there is no perfect research and whichever results they get for their research, they should accept the result and continue to develop or make further investigation in their research. This is because there are students who give all their best to  research, and their researches turn out to be bogus. Such students should refrain from reacting on the basis of rational emotion (Lucas, 2006).


Research done during the summer classes at university helps students gain confidence in their suitability and experience fitting in social life and work situation. Under such circumstances, students can excel both in education and have a guarantee that it is easier for them to be employed or employ themselves. Research develops a student’s mental alertness by offering challenging research to be conducted by the students. However, the researches must remain relevant, reliable, up-to-date and original in order to create an impact about what each and every student admires in life, a lecture with a better understanding of the student life or wishes, improves the student lecture relationship. Therefore, research plays a major and vital role in deciding the outcome of the final grade at the end of the summer classes. The grade may be reflected in the examination grade or personal approach to life by a student. However, the most necessary element is that students involve themselves whole-heartedly to use research to enhance their grade.

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