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Texan People

To be able to understand the political environment in Texas, it’s imperative to appreciate the states’ rich political history. Between 1950s and 1960s, Texas was dominated by the Democrats. This was partly due to the systematic exclusion of the African American, and other minority groups from participating in the elections process.Soon enough, an effort was launched to end this legal exclusion of the minorities, especially pioneered by the minority groups themselves. This brought stiffer competition between the dominant Democratic Party and a resurgent Republican party. Gradually, the republicans have systematically eroded the Democrats hold on the state, as evidenced by the current dominance on almost all of the states elected and appointed public institutions.

Since the earliest days, Texas has been a land of immigrants. There has been a successive wave of immigrants ranging from Africans, Spanish, Germans and Czech immigrants. Over the past few decades there has been an upward spiral in the number of immigrants entering Texas by the Mexicans, Caribbean islanders, Central Americans and even the Asians. The upsurge of immigrants in Texas has catalyzed the reinforcement of social and business conservatism of the state, while at the same time changing the political party system. This has made the Texan voting block to have divergent views on ideological issues, meaning that they are free to choose their preferred form of representation.  The diversity and the complexity of the Texas people has made it difficult to label someone as a Texan, based on some assumed qualities. The state is home to a large and diverse population, with a wide variety of religious, ethnic, racial, economic and political interests. In 2008 the Latino population was estimated to be 35.9 %, meaning that they had a sway on the vote.

 The Texan people are always prepared for the elections, partly due to their pre-disposed political ideologies. They have a pre-set mind on their voting culture which has stood the test of time. The Current context of the Texas political culture can be categorized into three main factors. Economic liberalism, where the people believe in a free market economy, they believe in social convertism that supports morals based on traditional values. Finally, they accept   populism, that advocates for the rights and freedom of the ordinary people. These stereotype ideological tendencies have formed the foundation of their current political culture. However, there are other less dominant ideologies, often by a minority group that has no real political clout in the politics of the Texan people. The major political actors realize the boundaries set by the political culture and use elements of the political culture to achieve their ends. For example, to appeal to the people, the politicians of the day may propose measures that are anchored on the beliefs and the expectations of the Texans.

The Texas political scenario has been one that is very unpredictable. This is because, for some Texans, they believed that their current Governor, Rick Perry, would be the front runner, on the quest to the white house. Many Texans saw him as a possible candidate, due to the perceived development initiatives that they believed he brought to the state. Rick perry has served as the governor for Texas for three terms, making him one of the longest serving governors. Having secured the position under the former American president, George Bush, he was lauded as a front runner in the race to the white house. However this was not to be case, because he stepped down on his quest for the state house under a cloud of controversies. However, he endorsed his onetime competitor, Gingrich,to  the highest office on the land.

The Texan populace had appreciated Rick perry as a favorite, before his political career took a downward spiral. Under his governorship tenure of  the state of Texas, he is believed to have created more jobs with the state grossing 47% of all the jobs created under the Obama administration. He was seen as a great respecter of small business due to his reduction of trivial regulations and creating a favorable environment to do business in the state of Texas. He also understood the issue of state sovereignty as evidenced by his rife advocacy against the federal government over stepping its mark, like overspending the tax payer’s money. Finally ,he has appealed to all the three categories of conservatives, by supporting the relevant bills that are pro conservatist.He was also seen as a public  advocate for religion and a vocal opponent for the non believers. This clearly shows the spirit of the Texan people on matters, politics.

Texans have been very proactive in their day to day politics. This has prepared them on what to expect of the election outcome as they play an active role in the mechanics of the election. This is greatly reflected in their contribution towards the countries politics. The Texan people are among the greatest donors in this year’s campaign. With less than 9 months to go, the Texans have pumped over 20 million dollars to various candidates. This reflects the spirit of the people to support different candidates and parties. This has been especially received well by the democrats, who see this as a golden opportunity, to enter into an otherwise, republican state.

Generally, The United states political environment is as dynamic as it is complex For example, The pushing of the Texas presidential primaries to March, has greatly reduced the influence that the state holds on the  perceived outcome of the presidential primaries. The Texan women have expressed their dissatisfaction of cutting back on their health and family planning schemes. Over a quarter of the Texan women are un-insured, and are in strong opposition to the health budget cuts that have been enacted under the republican stewardship. Over 130,000 of women who depended on the program are at risk of lacking lifesaving screening for breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension,  among other diseases. Governor Rick perry has been responsible for cutting the state’s family planning program by two thirds, efficiently denying the women services like: pap smear tests, clinical breast exams and birth control. The current political waves affecting the republicans show that majority express their dissatisfaction on the current challenges in the ruling government, particularly the health sector.

In conclusion, it’s apparent that the political culture is very complex in the state of Texas, because of a wide ranging difference in the core values and ideals. Despite the dynamic political culture, the state’s political culture displays a remarkable sense of continuity. Its politics is dominated by three tenets of liberalism, social conservatism, and populism. These form the basis of the political culture and they have survived the current political euphoria’s, to emerge strong in the midst of political uncertainty. Texans, have truly portrayed to the world, that their political tendencies have continued to enjoy stability. That means that the world would expect the Texan people to remain republicans, at least for the time being, until the political climate changes.

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