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Over the years, people have wondered why there has always been something instead of nothing. Others wondered whether the world is a false impression. What then exists which cannot be comprehended by the human mind? Can someone tell the events and occasions that happen after somebody dies? Is there: supernaturalism, an already decided future, a real meaning of life, an answer to what is wrong and right? Many schools of thought have desired to establish: what group of people should have what rights, the limits of brainpower, whether machines like people could think, the things a person is expected to do, how the entire universe began and how old it is. These among other many questions are some of the things that the human kind has and has not known. Knowledge of these things must have been based upon factual, authentic and logical information and that is why studying is very important. This research paper seeks to state that study is becoming more important than in the past.

With the changing world systems knowledge requires fundamental truths before it can be accepted and that these foundations need to be clearly defined so that they could become useful in the future for expanding the knowledge. Modern trends and systems are becoming too complex to rely solely on conventional approaches of to life. There is therefore much communication needed that highlights the importance of carrying out more study in modern world to address the issues at present. There are emerging desires to know about so many things concerning the universe. Many want to know how it will end. Of interesting concern to others are the laws governing the universe and why these laws have been found to be the way they are. Above all, there is the effort made by man to establish what happened after the Big Bang.

Over and over again, there has been a desire to establish whether the universe has a center point and an edge and what it is growing into. All these require factual or logical ideas to explain these hidden facts about the universe. This is because knowledge about something is not expected to change but rather it is expected to grow from the foundation it was laid upon. As though this was not enough, everyone wants to know what life is and how it arose. Who and what can give the vivid description of the complexity of life? Language and mind are also amazing in how they emerged. The function ability of the brain also remains a puzzle to many despite the many efforts put to establish the same. Is there intelligence and life away from the earth? Political systems and the economic systems have also raised a major concern of the way they operate and in knowing which one fits best.

The differences exhibited by both men and women in their behavior need a real explanation.  Information that is logical and believable is required to establish what lies behind the way human beings behave. Human ways of civilization have been developing in a very different way. It is also not known whether culture will decline in humanity. Who then shall save the humanity? Will there be a loss of confidence and faith? What will take place in the near and in the far future? And the list of questions which require knowledge about is endless. Therefore, there is need to study more than it has been in the past because things are changing so fast and an explanation is needed for this.

Epistemological Theories and Characteristic of Ideal Person Osama Bin Laden
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