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Religion and Science

Why Science Will Never Rule Out the Possibility of Religion

One can say that over the past few centuries science has made s tremendous step towards weakening the grounds of religious belief. Historically, religion was the only source of explanation to supernatural and mysterious occurrences. However, in the present world scientific advancements have formulated explanations for most of these occurrences, such as the existence of humanity, the life bearing perfection of the Earth and the Universe. Despite the fact that we still have the concepts that science cannot satisfactorily explain scientific experts such as Sean Carroll from California Institute of Technology believe that, at one point, science will find the explanations for everything that is connected to the Universe, so that religion will have nothing to explain. He believes that the influence of God at some point is going to decline. In other words, God’s power will shrink. As cosmologists offer explanations about the formation of the planet, theologians are also supporting the Big Bang theory by linking it to the creation of the planet as it is explained in the Bible (Wolchover, Will science someday rule out the possibility of God? Para. 3).

Scientists believe that they will introduce fair explanations to expel religion. Over the past years, scientists have expanded their ability in explaining the mysteries and their understanding of the Universe. Moreover, they have found enough fact to explain some of the natural phenomena in the spheres of physics, biology, cosmology and astronomy.

The explanations offered by Sean anchors on the premises that advances in cosmology will, at some point, rule out the existence of religion and God. This makes us ask one question about what will happen if these cosmological advances stagnate? This is a clear explanation as to why science may not approve the existence of religion. In explaining the causes of the trigger of the Big Bang, the scientists have not provided any useful explanation. They still rely on advances in technology to explain this. With little and sluggish advances in cosmology it seems to be impossible to dispel religion.

The quantum gravity theory that seeks to explain the creation of the world offers little explanation as to why science will rule out the existence of religion (Sweetman, 113). This theory comes in different versions, all of which are yet to be proved. Some of the theories that the scientists use to argue is that the Big Bang theory came as a result of a transition in the eternal Universe. This is the view that Sean holds. According to other versions of the quantum gravity theory, Big Bang theory occurred without any supernatural force or trigger. Despite the explanations that these theories offer, it is still difficult to refute the existence of religion.

Scientists also offer an explanation of the existence of the parallel universes. It implies that there are other grounds that could give illuminations in the existence of religion and God. They do not explain why it is possible to alter the matters that define the Universe. This is a point where the theologians come in to explain that it was God who had put this constant in place for mankind. This explains why it becomes so hard for the scientists to deny religion.

With the appearance of the mysteries that science has never resolved, it is not easy to rule out religion and God. Science has failed to understand the mysteries that surround the Pandora’s Box, dark energy, dark matter, the existence of an arrow of time, parallel universes, why there is more matter than antimatter, the universe’s fate, among others. In a nutshell, there are more reasons as to why science may not rule out the existence of religion in case it fails to provide the adequate and valid explanations for some of the phenomena that demand entirely religious understanding.

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