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Progress of TIC

TIC can use three strategies to protect their competitive position. These are: staying focused and standing alone, integration and expanding their services.  Staying focused means that they should always focus on new developments that can lead to their progress. It is important to consider the main source of threat to the progress of TIC, which is its over dependence on referrals, which can fail any time. TIC, therefore, needs to think of another source of clients rather than to rely much on referrals from other hospitals. This will also require TIC to stand alone. This means attaining a unique status. This is a status, where it should acquire a market of its own. This can be achieved by offering services that no other facility can offer. This can, however, be achieved by having doctors who have unique experience. This will mean that other facilities will have to keep referring patients to TIC due to its unique services.

The other strategy is integration, which means incorporating other services. This can be achieved by starting to offer services to other people apart from the infants or increasing the range of services offered to the infants. Services adopted also need to be unique so that the hospital can still stand out in the market. TIC also needs to expand their services. Services can be expanded by increasing on what they offer or increasing the area of coverage. The hospital can open other branches in other regions so that it can reach more people. Similarly, TIC can also increase the type of service offered to the infants. This can include offering various therapies even to the healthy children. From its history, the facility started with serving only convalescent needs, then progressed higher acuity infants.  This indicates that there is a potential for expansion. TIC can also take an advantage of the NICU to offer training, services since it stands out on this type of service. However, all these strategies require uniqueness so that, there can be no threats of intense competition from other hospitals. This way, the hospital can be able to protect its competitive position.

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