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Positive Aspects of Globalization

The fact that most of the Globalization impacts can be taken positively and negatively depends on the person’s background, beliefs and norms. Negatively, it has effect on traditional food and environment. However, it affects positively on the economic boom and education. Globalization has created jobs, boosted certain economies, and increased the purchasing powers of poor countries’ individuals (Knickerbocker, 2004). For instance, in China bicyclists are paving the way for other modes of transportation in Shanghai. As a result of globalization, the mode of transport in China is changing from the use of the ubiquitous bicycles in order to accommodate the 11,000 new cars in the Chinese market.

This is a clear indication of the growing wealth of the country and at the same time indicating that through globalization, the consumers’ purchasing power. In addition, rising consumption among the consumers has helped generate and create jobs. This is an indication of the positive aspect of globalization. In addition, the global number of consumers has burgeoned with the majority in the developing nations (Knickerbocker, 2004). The expansion of the world’s economies is as a result of globalization that has opened markets, advancement of technology, and enhanced greater efficiency in manufacturing.

Secondly, globalization helps create a different type of education, where students from all over the world get to know other part’s culture and traditions (Ma, 2008). As the world’s economies merge, so is the culture of the world. Over the past decade, the number of students studying abroad has been on the rise. The world remains tethered by globalization, and it is essential that we understand the cultures. Thus, cultural understanding is the sure way of enabling all people to put themselves in others’ without prejudgment. It is globalization that keeps people connected, and it has enabled people to acknowledge individual identities as members of a human family; a global family (Ma, 2008).

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