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Plastic Surgery in Contemporary South Korea

Korea as many other parts of the world was affected by the global financial crisis since 2009. Demand for better living standards and hunting for employment has directly been felt by the citizens. The economic crisis affected the South Korea stock market touching its currency. The outcome forced many Koreans to change their behavioral changes due to anxiety. To others, it was a moment to think bigger and innovate into the plastic surgery industry; seeking for long-term solutions to their physical appearance, and avoid paying more money on short term alternatives in small clinics.

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that entails correction of form and function on a person. Climate change perhaps is the leading cause of plastic surgery various Asian nations and South Korea is not excluded. The intention also is due to nature and genetics. Essentially, Koreans have small eyes cognizant to Europeans nations. Plastic surgery can be done in various forms, which is reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, micro surgery and burns treatment. It is a diverse field that requires personal courage and a heart for humanity. Operating human being requires patience's and skills. (Romo, 2000 pg 170)

Plastic surgery is performed on human body and involves enhancement of the appearance through technological expatriates, medical and surgical techniques. The aim is to maintaining natural look normal to a specific individual. Plastic surgery is also believed to enhance appearance to some aesthetic ideal. Plastic surgery is a growing industry in Korea and has been adopted by both adults and teenagers. The industry is challenging and requires financial stability. (Postman, 2004 pg 221)

The economical challenges and rising living standards have perpetuated both men and women to seek an alternative of plastic surgery. People aim to widen their eyes, whiten the skin and create a higher nose that is likely to bridge a level of beauty to an individual. Plastic surgery has turned to a business niche to medical practitioners who provide the service.

People of South Korea are working hard to improve their looks to provide an edge in a highly competitive job market, employers are perceived to be enticed not only on academic qualifications' rather on individual beauty. The social magnitude seems to be affecting teenagers, and middle level adults who are seeking marital relationships that may lead to marriage. According to Jean Loftus; an individual chose to enter to war, against gravity, age, or genetics with impression to feel the best. She insinuates that' to perform a surgery one need to be a graduate with a state license to enable them practices surgery. She notes that, it is not a field with barriers because it is a profession for all. (Loftus, 2007 pg 121)

It is clear that individual looks in South Korea play a role in behavioural changes and socialization. The impact of plastic surgery is immense and has given hope to both men and women. However, the highest numbers of beneficiaries are women who compete for beauty. The demand for surgical services for face uplift' specifically eye enlargement is a booming job for surgeons.

Koreans teens are believed to value beauty and appearance which impacts highly on their confidence. A culture of plastic surgery has been adopted without shame or embarrassment. Teens are believed to have popularity due to attractive features in various peer groups. Most of the parents are also encouraging their children to undergo plastic surgery as a means to boost their self esteem in school. However, some in low economic scales are cutting on budgets and avoiding the plastic surgery as cost of living is hiking.

Most teenagers are opting for a double eyelid surgery and have become very popular among students as it is comparatively of low risk. The surgeons also indicate that age is a vital element to consider while undertaking the plastic surgery; this is because to teenagers, operating the bones could lead to serious side effects or permanent damage and trigger more problems in the future.

Plastic surgery is a growing industry which is comprised of a luxurious lifestyle. It has been a common market estimated by ARA networks that, 30% of Korea women between the ages of 20 to 50 have undergone the surgical or nonsurgical cosmetics procedures in 2010. South Korea is a growing economy thus the future for continuing the plastic surgery industry as it is a market demand.

According to National Health Care Systems (NACS), more surgeons are drawn to plastic surgery because the payments are not based on the system price control thus allowing bigger profits. It is becoming a taboo as most parents celebrate with there children in vacations by undergoing plastic surgery. A new lifestyle is booming as most middle class try to maintain the youthful appearance. This has led to regular visit to plastic surgeons. (Copeland, 2007 pg 321)

Many hospitals are providing plastic surgery services. Most of the plastic surgeries contacted in South Korea are:

a) Prostis correction

This is surgery that is contacted on droopy upper eyelids of an individual. The droopiness is said by doctors to be caused by a defective levator muscles system. The condition leads to upper eyelids fall to a position that is lower than the normal. The droopiness may cause a sleepy or tired appearance.

Most of the Protsis is acquired by birth. This is known to affect most students while creating a desire to undergo surgery' seeking a double eyelid. It also requires more treatment as surgery does not guarantee results. Surgeon's advice on implications of the surgery before it is performed. It is also common in the elderly due to deterioration of the muscles, and its causes are not clear. Most of the middle class' people in South Korea are undergoing such operations to control aging. (Brown, 2004 pg 154)

b) Mongolian slant downward modification

The surgery is conducted on the outerconer of the eyelids downwards. The operation is done to descend excessive lateral slant. Once the operation is completed, the eyelid becomes larger in appearance; Surgeons perform the operation on the conjunctiva leaving no external scars. The operation is contacted with lateral canthoplasty.

The primary intent of the plastic surgery performed on South Koreans is to make the eye appear bigger, and the eyelid to look opened. However, satisfactory of a plastic surgery depend on the skills which can lead to tremendous results. Most of the problems associated plastic surgeries are noticeable scars, unwanted skin fold, hollowness in the skull, misdirected eyelashes and unnatural results. Another challenge is that Korean plastic surgery may cause unnecessary controversies; because of its ability when overdone which impacts on individual facial appearances termed as westernization culturally.

Today more people in South Korea are in a distinctive nuance in autonomy along with the technological adherence which makes plastic surgery even simpler. The surgery is more important to boost the nature of South Korea nationals in respective cultural and professional standards. Most of the Koreans, have adopted the surgery technique as a fashion and lifestyle for future generations. The attractive physical traits are basically the growing habit which cannot be underestimated. The successful plastic surgery operations have also set South Korea as an innovative nation that creates an opportunity for equal medical research, and practice which will impact on the future medicine. (Park, 2005 pg 106)

The Koreans face physical structures are different in comparison to European faces and body structures. Plastic surgery may at times appear awkward and unnatural creating a negative impact to the process altogether. The patient's objective may not be achieved though cases are rare and leads to various complication.

Most South Koreans undergo surgery to undo visible effects due to aging. The operations are likely to restore the patient's early form and better appearance resembling five years younger. It is also termed as facelift. In most cases, plastic surgery is becoming a case of overdoing genetics for personal control of the body. Women are more into fundamental structural reinvention rather than the age imposed rejuvenation.

The other group of patients in requesting plastic surgery is purposely to improve the existing features which seem unattractive; some of the patients trying to eradicate normal ethnic characteristics or even more. However, it is vital to understand that no patient will exactly fit their specification but achieve a very admirable continuum. The cultural venoms of the Korean public are condemning the plastic surgery. Nevertheless, doctors feel reluctant to such echoes and continuously pursuing their surgical profession.

The prospect, by which most young professionals are undertaking, is an investment or career prospect. However, there are no statics that surgery once done increases changes to be employed but rather perceived to improve personal confidence. It is a motivating factor that has influence most Korean ladies who are seeking employment. Surgeons also admit that surgery for face uplift is a personal decision and is undertaken for the variety of reasons. As a growing industry, the person in need of surgical operations should confront the consultant freely and honestly. Research is also important to be contacted to be able to monitor trends. (Harii, 1995 pg 343)

Plastic surgery has become a widespread phenomenon in South Korea. According to Ronald Klats, anti aging has been adopted as a treatable condition that comprises of swellings and demographics in the adults (Klats, 2004 pg 91). This shows that the future to control human appearance can be done scientifically through plastic surgery. Despite economical challenges and growing cost of living, Korea's surgeons are continuously studying to master skills necessary globally.

Cosmetic surgery has gradually become popular in South Korea. According to the economist, South Korea has turned to a medical tourism giant receiving over 80,000 international arrivals annually. The Korean government has taken stringent measures to boosting the trade. The government has set a tourism strategic plan that targets 400,000 visitors by 2015. The governments have a special unit that works with various clinics to communicate with foreign clients. Various foreign nationals such as Chinese, Japanese and English are visiting the country while clinics employ multilingual staff to assist.

Cosmetics surgery has become widespread in South Korea. This is also because in the current situation Koreans race are not only obsessed with the looks, but the surgery discovery has socially impacted on their intellectual complacency with innovation. The children are highly clever and can do better in the future' if raised up with such a positive scientific view. The children have since been excelling well in school with quality education competencies with each other. (Copeland, 2004 pg 261)

Plastic surgery has its own complications and should be considered. It may lead to aspiration which occurs due to vomiting and the complication in lungs. It leads to discomfort which may cause infections such as chronic cough and pneumonia. It may also cause excessive loss of blood and in cases where a patient suffers excessive bleeding, surgeons might have a hard time controlling the blood pressure. It is vital that a patient consults a physician on what to extend on bleeding. The blood may also clot in the veins which can be fatal. In most cases, blood clots are not predictable; however, surgeons take responsive measures to ensure the patient is safer.

According to Antony Sclafani, many patients seeking facial plastic surgery will approach the surgeon with specific desires, and each has his goals and a time limit. However risky they are, he negates that it is important for families to be closer to the patient by supporting them physically and emotionally. These will a help address the patient to accept the results as the surgeon will always do the best (Sclafani, 2002 pg 77).

It is significant that South Korea is one the one of largest Asian economy where competition with the neighbor is based on education. Perhaps a reason plastic surgery is being utilized by most parents as a token to children encouraging performance. In the culture sleep is viewed as a weakness that does not generate indulgence to economic stability. This is a sure proof that poverty is hated by South Koreans and doing everything to change situations. However, it is leading to children overworking which is not a vibrant ideology. It is amazing how the Korean people are training the future leaders and striving to curb illiteracy, and developing mechanisms that will help humankind. Aesthetic beauty is pleasant, and the Korean approach is genial.

Human skin is the largest organ of the body; it goes through a cycle of growth thus an essential part of human life. The lifestyle adopted by people globally has intensively impacted on protection. The body needs so much care for a person to remain youthful. Plastic surgery is one way that people are utilizing today to avoid any wrinkles as aging occurs. Companies that manufacture skin care products are constantly improving on skin care ingredients in their products. This is a way that all people want their skin to look beautiful and healthy. The plastic surgery helps rejuvenate the skin to look younger.

Advancement in technology has highly benefited the medical plastic surgery industry. The procedure such as the facelift and breast augmentation is safer' and effectively performed; women have the ability and courage on self esteem and natural looks which plays a major role in their social life. However, more can be done to increase efficiencies as innovation in technology grasping is developing systematically globally.

Most medical specialists are looking for more advance ways to provide surgery services to a remorse growing number of clientele. The future of technology is aimed at enhancing technicalities on stem cell in the cosmetic industry. The cell is in secular human organism which helps the body for growth and repair. Surgeons believe that it can be adapted to plastic surgery such as the facelift or any other human reconstructive procedures. Nevertheless, the cosmetic stem cell procedures are not yet in the public reach but, research preliminary trials negates that; it is a promising technological advancement to the medical field. The technology advancement will simplify removal of scars relented to past surgeries. (Panfilov, 2006 pg 428)

The quality for doctors based on the cross boundary relationship' has impacted on skills exchange. Study abroad programs will benefit doctors who specialize in human anatomy and develop products to assist people. Research is continuously being conducted to find solutions to raising demand of patients. The challenge in dealing with medical practitioners in Asia compared to Europe is language barriers in hospitals. Most of Asian doctors cannot communicate effectively in English.

Dealing with human life is highly risky, it is vital to have clear quality control measures and safety procedures. Climate change is an element that should not be underestimated as it plays a major role affecting human lives. Air pollution and contamination by industries' which pose a health hazard should be controlled.


Demand for plastic surgery is growing at a high speed in Korea; the future of plastic surgery looks brighter, and improvement is critical. Korea is an economy that boost of operations per capital with a manageable population. The surgeons boost for quality clinical experiences and technological innovations in the medical industry. The Korean government should create more management system for ease and access of services by the foreign tourist, and grow its economy steadily. English language is spoken by many nationals and should highly be encourage in Korea for future growth.

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