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Team building upholds a philosophy in which employees act as members of an interdependent team rather than as individual workers. They work together in achieving the set goals or objectives, thus improving performance in a project or when solving a problem. Team members include a group of individuals who tend to have distinct characteristics, attitudes, and behavior. The diverse nature of team members enables them to tackle different issues according to their capabilities. A strong team has several characteristics such as having a clear goal, competent and committed members, following standards of excellence, collaborative membership, risk takers and setting realistic deadlines.

In terms of demography, we can consider the gender, age, and background factors. The president’s advisory team should have an equal representation of the two genders. The representatives of one gender should not exceed two-thirds of the team members. This will ensure that issues cutting across the two genders get a thorough study, analysis, and solution. For instance, having women in the team will ensure that issues such as property ownership or chances to get top level leadership positions, in which women usually have little or no representation, are addressed. These are delicate issues that need a perspective view from the affected gender and should be handled by members of the affected category. Women representatives would act as a channel for voicing out issues affecting females in the development process.

In terms of age, consider involving the old generation and the youth. The team should consist of both old and young advisors. The old members of the team will have an experience of what has been going on in the states they represent. Old members have been through different presidential regimes. They probably know areas in which previous presidents failed and would table these issues before the other team members and the president. A superb example could be in relation to policies that may have failed and should be streaked off. On the other hand, there ought to be younger members who are up to date with the current issues and innovations such as technological advancement. The youth, who make up most of the population, have many issues ranging from psychological to social spheres. Youth issues have to be addressed thoroughly with an aim to achieve stability (Kilburg, & Diedrich, 2007). They could also help out in the technical aspect of the decision making process considering that confidential matters stay within the advisory team.

Another noteworthy aspect is the state of residence. In this case, each state or region should at least have a representative in the advisory team. This is because issues affecting a certain state may differ in intensity and variance from other states. There has to be a representation for all states to reduce any form of bias in sectors such as resource allocation, development plans or representation. For instance, not all states experience the current recurring and destructive hurricanes. Representatives from such areas are the ones with adequate information on such occurrences and appropriate mitigation ideas.

Evaluation of representatives will be based on their integrity, skills, education level, and social capacity or attitude. A team member should be morally upright, practice transparency and be ready to take any responsibility or consequence for their actions. This will build up trust among the team members who would give genuine advice to the president.

A team member should be a skilled communicator, listener, reliable, flexible, committed, problem solver, and supportive or respectful. Advice given to the president revolves around highly crucial issues affecting the country. There has to be a clear process to follow, and this would require the different skills mentioned above to circulate information, suggestions, and ideas. This will reduce conflicts and ensure that an agreement is reached and sound advice given.

The representatives should have a strong education background. Their minimum level of education should be university. It is mandatory that they possess an undergraduate degree. Advisory members ought to be intelligent people with a wide knowledge base. One should at least have a clear knowledge of the country’s history. This will ensure that the advisors know the country’s past, its current state, and future expectations. They will be able to generate realistic objectives that will lead to the achievement of the country’s vision. Economists would also form a solid team as they can balance monitory issues, which are usually the crucial area of concern. There was a recent scare of an economic world crisis which led to a rise in inflation. Such issues require people with a clear understanding of the economy (McGregor, & Gershenfeld, 2006).

Representatives should be morally upright people. They should uphold moral values such as respect and justice among others. This will ensure that they give advice that revolves around improving social cohesion and stability in the different states. Every proposal given will aim at serving the people justly.

The decision making ability of the team can be assessed at both the individual and group levels. It is important to check their individual records for past major made decisions; their past records should have SMART decisions. This will give an assurance that they can be trusted on greater decision making platforms. At the group level, it would be agreeable to study their interactions as members of the advisory team. If they show substantial rapport from the start, then they will be trusted to work as a team with a similar or common agenda.

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