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Patient Privacy

The privacy of the medical data is one of the most crucial, yet vulnerable topics in the field of healthcare. There have been a lot of complaintsdisputes regarding the inefficiency of the complaining systems. The Ppresented paper aims to discuss the importance of keeping the medical information private, the alternatives available to the patients in case their privacy has been violated, as well as the reasons for the reluctance to report the medical errors and the initiatives that might be undertaken to fight it.

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The issues related to the healthcare are of the greatest importance and require extreme privacy due to a number of reasons. First of all, their disclosure might make the patient vulnerable, especially in the cases when certain medical information might be used to harm the patientm or to cause histheir death (Gallagher, etBell, alSmith, Mello, & McDonald, 2009). Moreover, some of the healthcare issuesmatters are better left unsaid since they might present the patient in the negative light (Wolf & Hughes, 2012). Finally, the medical data refers to the dearth-life issues, which are of the greatest importance for the human beings. All in all, it should be stressed that the medical information of the patients should be kept private.

The privacy of the health-related data might be ensured in a number of ways. However, in this regard the customer should play the primary role. In particular, he or she has to monitor the keeping of histheir health data and sharing of it with other healthcare professionals. HeBesides, orthey should also pay attention to the medical documents that they sign. Apart from that, theyit is shouldadvisable to getbe aware of the protection mechanisms as well asand complaining procedures. In case of the violation of the privacy the patient might request the information regarding the access to histheir record and use this data as the basis for his or her argument against the healthcare organizations. If the violation has occurred, the patient should also file the complaint as well as consider histheir chances of winning the case in the court.

Frequently, the patients are reluctant to report the breach of privacy or to complain about the quality of the healthcare delivered to them. There isare a number of reasons for that, which depend largely on the status of the patient. Some of them are afraid that their medical data will be disclosed to other medical staff or to the general public (Woolever, 2013). The immigrants and representatives of the national minorities can mistrust the hospital administration or the justice system and consider all their complaints to have no effect on the healthcare (Woolever, 2013). The stereotypes regarding the quality of the healthcare as well as the work of the healthcare agencies might serve as another incentivesreason for restraining from complaining. The bureaucracy as wellaccompanied asby inefficient mechanisms for filing and consideration of complaints might also serve as the reasonpreventative factor for avoiding these processes.

The encouraging initiatives that might be introduced by the healthcare organizations to motivate the patients to file complaints in case of the low quality of the healthcare services should be relevant to the causes that have been mentioned before. Therefore, in order to fight with the stereotypes, the healthcare organizations shouldare expected to launch the public campaigns explaining the procedures that are related to the complaint filing (Berwick, 2003). Additionally, in cooperation with the lawmakers, they might implement more transparent and understandable mechanisms for reporting of the health-related mistakes admitted in the practice of certain physicians (Wolf & Hughes, 2012). Apart from that, they can demonstrate the statistics regarding the reporting of the medical errors as well asand highlight the most successful cases to persuade the patient that they can eventually get the compensation and moral relief in the end of the complaining processes.

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In conclusion, it should be stressed that the medical information of the patient should be private in order to protect him or her from the hazards following the discolosure of such information. The reluctance of reporting the medical errors is attributed to a range of factors from the personal to the ethnic ones. It is suggested that the hospitals and lawmakers might make the complaining procedures less complicated and communicate the advantages of these complaining to the patients in order to urge them to report any misunderstandings and improve the quality of healthcare services.

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