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Osama Bin Laden


The late Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden, popularly known as Osama Bin Laden was the leader of the terrorism group, the Al Qaeda until his death on 2nd May 2011. He played a major role in the organization of attacks on their enemies in different parts of the globe. A definite example is the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya in the year 1998 which resulted in the death of many innocent individuals, 12 of whom were American citizens and numerous Kenyan citizens. Also to note is the attack of Washington D.C in 2001 (Bergen 27).

Due to great desire by several individuals on the real and detailed information on how the death was conducted, a research has been done in order to satisfy such needs and desires. The plan for the research was mainly based on how the US soldiers identified the hideouts of Bin Laden in Pakistan. The research itself targeted mainly the Pakistan residents and few of the US army soldiers who did the execution of the most wanted terrorist. The objectives were majorly specific in nature, few being general. The specific ones were; to find out what triggered the US government to search for Bin Laden, the efforts the government made to bring him down, the time duration taken before Bin Laden was found and murdered. The activity itself was a challenging one due to the financial inclusion it had. Travelling and accommodation expenses were among the top budgeted expenditures.

The execution of the plan involved the conduction of interviews and distribution of questionnaires to the people. The main difficulties were; persuading people for interviews, some of the people in the research area were unwelcoming and harsh, unfavorable weather conditions was also a great obstacle to the execution of the research. This prompted the researchers themselves to convince the people so that they could agree to be interviewed and also to calm down those who were cruel through other means like offering them some gifts and requesting the government security to accompany them. There were no any other nontraditional methods applied during the research process.

The findings of the research included the process that was undertaken by the US government through its special Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) unit soldiers to do away with Osama's life (MOFA par. 4). According to the research, a four year investigation had been in progress for Osama's dwelling place in Pakistan. However, the search seemed like to reach its fruition when a humble courier who was believed to be the most trusted servants of Bin Laden was identified. He used to enter and exit one of the compounds with 18feet tall walled buildings with barbed wire on top. The building was in one of the most luxurious estates in Abottabad which is 30 miles away from Pakistan capital, Islamabad (Brookes 2). The US president later signed an agreement with the CIA unit to continue with the thorough search of the most wanted criminal.

The results states that the raid was carried out on the wee hours of May 3st, 2011(CNN par. 3). Interestingly, not even the Pakistan government leader was informed of the intended raid on the terrorist's dwelling place (Thompson par. 7). Two helicopter jets landed the troop on the compound. The target room was a three windowed storey room. As expected he reacted violently by shooting at them. Two shots at the head and chest confirmed his life's end. Four other people including the courier were also murdered. A DNA and facial tests were performed on the corpse to confirm his identity (ABC News par 6).

The campaign would have been improved if it were done in Pakistan where Bin Laden was found and murdered. Social media would have not been corporated in this case since it would have encouraged some negative reactions from the areas where the research was done.

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