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Organizational Diagnosis

The rate at which organizations are adopting change has not slowed down in the recent past and is likely to increase in the future. The reasons behind this are not particularly hard to discern given the fact that rapid and continual innovation, technological advancement and the discovery of better management practices are driving changes in organizations systems and processes. A good example is the discovery of the internet that has enabled faster communication and easier access to knowledge. In addition to the above, globalization is tearing down traditional approaches to management. "It is no wonder that relentless change has become a fact of organizational life" (Hayes, 26). According to ref drivers for social change in organizational scenario has been competition posed by competitors, advancement in technology and the need to increase the sales output and increase our bottom line profits.

The main aim of this project will seek to carry out an analysis of a social change organization within Heated Driveway Company. This project will therefore seek to achieve the following objectives;

v    Carry out a detailed description of Heated Driveway, how it is formally organized, its origins, its governance, its constituency, its tactics for realizing its aims, and its leadership and governance.

v    Determine the primary obstacles Heated Driveway to achieve its core objectives, what makes the organization distinctive or similar to other organizations,

v    Determine the primary dilemmas (both internal structural and external environmental) that confront the organization and the methods/tools the organization uses to deal with them.

This project will therefore seek to respond to the following questions;

v    What are the main competitors of Heated Driveway?

v    what type of organization is Heated Driveway

v    What might Heated Driveway do differently to either resolve these dilemmas or improve its performance?

v    Is Heated Driveway creating meaningful social change and how could it ensure a sustainable social change management process?

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