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Greg Pison’s article of February 7th 2012 articulates human resource issue on Nissan which is a giant automobile manufacturer. Greg Pison is the human resource senior manager for shared services in the company’s North America base.  It specifically describes the changing role of human resource partner by borrowing on the experience he has acquired working with Nissan. The article looks at the topic by considering background of human resource generalist on post implementation role. The article further states that Nissan launched its human resource transformation in 2007 which were thereafter followed by business restructuring of the units in America. The issues addressed in regards to this are as follows:

  • Alignment of business in various areas of its existence creates centralization.
  • Human resource renovation give rise to realignment in a business and calls on human resource to give tactical input of high quality in respect to people aspect of business.
  • Bringing together all the business stakeholders make them appreciate and understanding the responsibilities that goes with human resource as a department.
  • Human resource Service Centers is gaining acceptance.
  • Transformation of human resource creates a means of managing talents if done at appropriate time.

Despite the benefits that come with realignment of human resource, the article points at challenges that may come with such action. These are as follows:

  • Change resistance that comes from within HR department staff due to the unknown responsibilities that comes with such changes
  • Resistance by management and other employees that who have their own predetermined mind of what they expect of Human resource and its management.
  • Getting the right people to initiate support strategy for a business. 
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