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Motivation for Sex and Outcomes

Individuals have been having romantic relationships after they reach maturity age. The relationships between boys and girls, man and women leads to desire to have sex. Motivation is triggered among individuals by body hormones which sent message to the brain. Hypothalamus triggers the release of hormones and stimulates the human body to have desire of things. The eyes a man see a woman and a message is to the brain and individuals makes up conclusion whether to have sex or not. Many articles define sexual intercourse as the act of meeting sexually through penetration of men penis to females’ birth canal. They regard the action as healthy since it strengthens the relationship between two partners. Motivation is defined as the process in which human body realize some hormones to sent message to brain in order for an individual to have desire of having something which he could not have desired. Many individuals do not want to have sex but due to the effect of motivation they end up finding themselves becoming sex mongers. There side effect accompanied by benefits of sexual motivation.


Many researchers explain that individuals have hormones called testosterone in male and estrogens in female which determine the sexual behavior in human being. The level of the hormones makes an individual to either like or dislike sex. Sexual behavior in human being is triggered by many factors including stimulation of hormones and sociological factors. Individuals learn things from their friends and try to practice what they have learned to prove that they have gained true knowledge. When younger boys join school, they meet their age mates from different backgrounds. The children who have grown without the knowledge of sex are taught by their friends, and they begun to have desire of having sex. This shows that sex is learned and individuals can not practice it before been introduced by somebody else. Studies have been done with a theme of alerting people the awareness of sex and teaching them the right time to practice such an act. It warns people about the outcomes of the action, and what they should practice at different stages of life (Leigh, 1989).

Scholars have defined and explained the sexual response cycle which both genders undergo. Initially, there is the first stage called excitement. In this assuage individuals are excited to have sex and is marked by arousal of the genital areas. The sex organs are aroused and individual are very much excited being unable to control their emotions. They feel like having sex even after they are stopped. The second stage is called plateau usually comes after excitement. It is a phase of the extension of excitement phase. It is marked by increase rate of breathing, pulse and increase of the blood pressure. Individuals start to show physical changes from the body, and they can be noted by individuals who see them. Some of the individual have deep and speed in breathing. The warmth of the body increases which is caused by increase in bloods pressure. The third stage is called orgasm. It is marked by contraction of muscles in genital areas. The penis enlarges and contracts while the clitoris has several movements up and down making the lady to feel sweeter. Some of the individuals tend to make noise in this stage. Psychologist noted that individuals at this stage have no control of their mind. They can think or remember any thing but their mind is fully focused in sex. Even when called some people may not respond. The stage is marked by release of semen by male which gives pleasure to both genders. After releasing the semen individuals feel much certified and they do not want to continue with the action until the next phase. The final stage is called resolution which is marked by return of the body into the normal functioning. The lovers who have sex in this stage tell stories of strengthening their relationship. The process of arousing and sex assist individuals who do not know how to contact sex to improve their performance to certify their partners (Smith, 2007).

Sexual dysfunction is marked by inability of performance in one of the stages. Some individual are unable to perform properly and they do not certify their partners. Those individuals need psychological attention in order to make them perform, and make their partners feel more loved. Some individuals do not erect, their penis can not erect even after been aroused. Others can not be aroused while others ejaculate before the time. Some ejaculate at the arousal stage, and they do not make their partners feel certified since semen is dropped in their own cloths. There other individuals who do not have desire for sex at all. Men do not have desire for female while the female do not desire male sexually. Those problems may be brought about by past experiences in life. Sigmoid Freud explained the developmental stages and when an individual is not treated well in one of the developmental stages can have sexual dysfunction in future (Leigh, 1989).

Sanchez et al (2005) argues that individuals with sexual dysfunction are not motivated and they tend to drop in sexual performance. The cases of sexual unfaithfulness are witnessed in the relationship where one of the partners has complication in undergoing the sexual cycle. Individuals need attention and assistance in the improvement of sexual cycle. Those who do not receive psychological attention early they end up loosing the morale of having sex. Some individuals are not helped by their partners, but they are left and this makes them to feel discouraged with doing sex. They decide to stay without having romantic relationship in their life time. Other factors which lead to dysfunction include child abuse, sex abuse, infection of transmitted disease and developmental negative attitude towards sex which can be learned or gained through personal experiences.

Sexual orientation is the ability which an individual likes to practice in as fare as sex is concerned. There many forms of sex and individuals have the ability to choose which form to perform. Heterosexuals are the individuals attracted to opposite sex. They tend to perform the action with the people of opposite sex. For example, man has sexual intercourse with a lady. They express love and pass love to each other. Homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex. If a person is a man has sex with man and if a women have with her fellow woman. Males are referred to as gays while females are lesbian. This form of sex is prohibited by many states. It is mostly discouraged by most religions and laws. Christians admit that God made men and women with different sexes and commanded them to have sex and for that reason they disregard homosexuality. Those who perform this kind of sex are not accepted by most communities. Bisexual is another form and individuals interested in this form plays both. They are interested by people of different sex and of the same sex. They practice both heterosexual and homosexual (Smith, 2007).

According to Leigh (1989) individuals are positively or negatively motivated to have sex. The motivation depends to the consequences one has after having sex. Those willing not to have sex can have the feeling resulting from their past experiences. Individuals can not be willing to have sex if they have sexual dysfunction and they do not want their partners to notice their problems. Some people are afraid of been infected with sexual transmitted diseases and they are negatively motivated in having sex. Individuals who are positively motivated have the feeling because of the external pressure which drives them to desire their mates sexually. Physical attractiveness can motivate individual positively. Ladies who dress tight cloths and leave their thighs out makes most of the men who do not have self control to be positively motivated. Individuals consider the outcomes and the benefits they have after having sex before been motivated.

The lesson learned in studying motivation assist individual to develop positive attitude towards sexual intercourse and improve their performance in order to certify their partners. The improvement of sexual performance reduces sexual unfaithfulness among individuals in relationships. Many families have broken due to sexual dysfunction and this study assist in developing the performance by reducing the effects of dysfunction. Individuals are able to know the right time and the people who to have sex with in order to avoid side effects of sex like sexual transmitted diseases. Some people are introduced to wrong practices of sex by their friend, and they end up not willing to have romantic relationship in future. Individuals should be able to control their instincts and practice sex at the right time which is mostly after marriage (Smith, et al, 2005).


Studies concerning sex should be taught in schools and other social gathering to make children aware of the purpose and effects. Many children grow without knowing what sexual intercourse is, and they are told by wrong people and develop wrong perception. Studies should focus on the effects and reasons of sexual intercourse.

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