Modern Technology in Our Life

In our life, new technologies are influencing humans’ life so that they more and more frequently can do nothing without them. Have we ever thought how a new technology changes our life? How does it affect our future? Computers, mobile phones, and other innovative technologies are common in everyday life. And it makes our lives much easier. Using the Internet, we can find any person anywhere in the world and can be aware of the news in the country and in the world. It is much easier to find any information we need. Now, new computer systems and programs give us possibility to improve our learning process and office work.

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Bacon's famous aphorism "Knowledge is the power" is relevant till nowadays. Humans feel a need in new knowledge to improve their methods of production. In modern society, science plays a dominant role. It is used in many industries and areas in our life. Undoubtedly, science can serve as one of the key indicators of social development, and it is certainly an index of economic and cultural development of every country.

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Day by day, technology is developing faster and faster, and no one can say what technological advance will be discovered tomorrow. Such rapid growth is a result of the scientific revolution in the twentieth century, which has introduced the innovative methods of information obtaining.

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To summarize all above said, science, but rather the progress, gives us the ray of hope for the future. It gives faith in the speedy resolution of problems, such as hunger, disease, unstable economic situation, and a lot of other important challenges . Science is the understanding of the world in which we live. Accordingly, it is usually defined as a highly organized production of objective knowledge about the world, which also includes knowledge about humanity.

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