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Missionary Methods

Robert Plummer and Mark Terry, the editors as well as scholar-missionaries, managed to create an interesting literary work from an already well-treaded path of biblical scholarship aptly combined with missionary teachings which reflect the values of many nations. 'Be imitators of me as I am of Christ,’ announced Paul, whose ideas are the basis of the book, giving a chance to millions of readers to have a more profound look at the significant problems which hinder the development of the ministry of the apostle as well as Christ’s major aims in his mission. Authors’ edition made the book one of the leading instruments to a proper understanding of Paul’s missionary teachings among the piles of similar books which try to reflect on the ideas of this noble man.

All people who consider themselves to be serious missionaries must read this Paul’s compilation of teachings, as it provides a very deep insight into the spiritual world of faith. Of course, faith is something that cannot be taught through words, but only understood on a person’s own contemplations and segregation of main values and beliefs, however, for anyone who decided to dedicate their life to religious preaching, pasturing or participating in missions committees the book becomes a must to study and ponder over.
Mark Terry and Robert Plummet focus primarily on the disputable issues which boggle minds of people since ages. The book is not just to read and forget but to give a thought and find one’s own solution on the timeless problems which seem to be drowning in ambiguous controversy.

However, as everything in this world has two sides, the book of Paul’s teachings is also not without some drawbacks. First of all, it is quite challenging for a mind to study the text – the language is not that easy flowing as books usually represent. Moreover, in the fast-changing global society, some of the methods proposed can be considered a little bit out-of-date as they cannot face the challenges of the modern society with the needed urgency and accuracy. Despite the fact that spiritual and moral values are long-term, the surrounding influences people’s world perception greatly, making them change their understanding of world’s norms and principles. A particular example can be Guy Fawkes’ description whose activities, once so memorable, are no longer even recognized and whose personality becomes more and more forgotten with each coming day, making him one of the thousands of millions of unknown people among contemporary citizens. Thus, the editors should have probably omitted this and similar information in order not to waste the readers’ time.

Still, the book is very inspirational. It creates a strong desire to start reading all classics which Roland Allen has ever written and whose book Missionary Methods: Saint Paul's or Ours? shook the world one hundred years ago with its profound knowledge of the missionary methods. It reveals the grand truth – all Scriptures inspired by the Spirit are the foundation of the true missionary’s teachings. The book creates an unusual feeling which comes from a combination of past and present: contemporary issues are brought out to the general discussion, however, the answers are sought not in the modern scientific and technical know-hows but in the ancient and simple Holy Book that seems to be able to provide a valuable solution to any problem which may arise on the path to a spiritual richness. The chapter on Ecclesiology is a particularly useful piece for each missionary student who is strong enough to give up on the pleasures of the earthy life and dedicate himself to the spiritual development.

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