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Despite the fact that gay marriages have started being quite widespread in the society, it is still a problem of contention to many people with respect to the issues of religion, continuation of family through children bearing, and general moral standards. While some people argue for gay marriages, others are against it. Gay marriage is not acceptable in my religion, because it goes contrary to the teachings of Islam. It undermines the purpose of marriage, which is to bear children, increases the number sexually transmitted diseases, and degrades the sets of conduct in the society. DeLaet & Caufield (2008) talk about the issues of gay marriages in relation to religion and the way this has been turned into a legal issue (DeLaet & Caufield, 2008).

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Gay marriage is not acceptable according to the teachings of Islam. In Islam, gay marriages are considered as homosexuality that should be rewarded with heavy penalties. The Sunni jurisprudence, the hanafi school of though,t and the shafiI school of thought state that homosexuality should be treated with harsh punishment. The Quran forbids sex outside marriage. It doesnt matter whether its bestiality, fornication, adultery, or homosexuality. Many gays claim that they were born that way, so they cant help but being gays. The fact is that man has an urge for sexual gratification. The homosexuals use this as a justification of the activity, which they find enjoyable. Gay marriage frequently is a result of an abusive father, gross negligence, and failed male role model. The argument that gay marriage is inborn or natural has very little persuasive power for the Islam followers.

According to Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi of the ISNA, gay marriage is not only a moral disorder, but sin, disease, and corruption as well. He adds, No person is born homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or a murder. People acquire these evil habits due to lack of proper guidance and education (DeLaet & Caufield, 2008).

Gay marriage is forbidden in Islam, because of the health of these people and the society in the whole. It is one of the main causes of most fatal and harmful diseases. It disgraces and degrades those men, who are involved. According to the Islamic teachings, men should assume their gender as male. Gay marriage deprives a man of his manhood; hence, leading to destruction of the family life.

According to Al-Fatiha, the Islamic scholars have a consensus that humans are naturally heterosexual. Gay marriage is seen by the scholars of the Islamic school of thought and jurisprudence as a sinful and perverted act and deviation from the norm. They differ in terms of punishment: Hanafite School of thought in South and East Asia advocates for no physical punishment to be warranted; Hanabalites School of thought in Arab world advocates for the severe punishment; Shafi school of thought advocates for a minimum of four adult males as witnesses before one can be proven guilty of homosexual offence.

Gay marriage is not acceptable in my religion, because it goes contrary to the teachings of Islam. In writing this statement, I have no personal intention to defame anyone; neither am I moved by personal hatred against any specific person. My only intent is to defend the traditional marriage, family, and the precious remnant of the Islamic civilization. As practicing Muslims, we are filled with compassion for gay couples; we pray to Allah that he may with his grace deliver them from violent temptation to gay sin for some fall into gay marriage out of human weakness.

Islam is conscious of the enormous difference between gay persons, who struggle with their weakness and strive to overcome it, and gay persons, who transform their homosexuality sin into their reason for pride, and try to impose their lifestyle in society in flagrant opposition to the traditional Islamic morality and the natural law. Gay marriage can remove legal obstacles to the adoption of children, which requires that married couples, for instance, man and woman, to adopt a child. Gay couples can adopt a child. A child requires a mother and father to grow up morally with parents support, guidance, and education (DeLaet & Caufield, 2008).

My religion rejects and condemns any violence. Islamic religion on gay marriage subjects its simply exercising its liberty as children of Allah and our constitutional rights of marriage. My religion opposes arguments with arguments. Some states have arguments in favor of gay marriage, but my religion responds with arguments based on the right reasons, natural law, and divine revelation. Gay marriage is not acceptable in my religion, because it goes contrary to the teachings of Islam. This polemical statement is possible for one or another formulation to be perceived as excessive or ironic. Muslims of course with the Jews are faithful and feel the heavy hand of the inquisition. The reasons against gay elaborated on this paper are not my intention or that of my religion.

Gay marriages deny children a father and a mother. Gay marriages do not allow for child bearing. They also deny children their natural parents. Gay marriages create naturally sterile unions in the society and endanger the continuation of society, because gay marriages do not bear children, who are supposed to be the future support of society. Oldmixon & Calfano (2007) state that gay marriages do not help in the continuation of society, as they do not help in bearing of children. Gay marriage does not create a family, but rather a naturally sterile union. Homosexual couples must circumvent nature through expensive and artificial means or surrogate in order to have children. Naturally, gay union is not for procreation. Marriage is ordained by Allah as a union between a man and a woman for procreation. Gay marriage has no such benefits; therefore, homosexuality cannot be a union marriage (Oldmixon & Calfano, 2007).

Children within a legally recognized union benefit to be raised within a family, where parents have not only financial strengths, but also psychological and physical needs. Parenting is very important for the children to grow up morally upright. Children from a gay marriage are subjected to hatred; in effect, the public exposes the kids to homophobia. The perception and hatred that gay parents face in public spreads to their children as well. Gay marriage is an immoral act in the society; consideration of the act would jettison long Muslim cultural values and drastically redefine the fundamental structure view on institution marriage. The shariah does not allow space for gay marriage (Oldmixon & Calfano, 2007).

Gay marriages are morally wrong and have turned to be a civil right. Same sex marriages oppose nature. Marriage is not just a simple relationship between human beings, but is a relationship rooted in the human nature. Gay marriages violate the natural law that governs marriage; they are morally wrong. Today the state has imposed on all people and entities, such as religious bodies, to accept gay marriages; yet, they are not allowed in the religious teachings. Kurdek identifies potential areas of conflict in gay marriages; one of them is the morality behind the whole issue. Gay marriages are still considered as being immoral in the society. Gay marriage by its very nature and design does not provide the normal conditions for a stable, affectionate, and moral atmosphere that is beneficial to the upbringing of children; the parental fruit of mutual affection that perpetuates the nation and strengthens the society. Objectively speaking, gay marriages primary purpose is personal gratification of the two same sex persons, whose union is sterile by nature (Kurdek, 1994).

Like sexuality, gay marriage orientation results from a combination of hereditary, social factors, and environmental influences that tend to coexist with the heterosexual feelings in varying degrees in different individuals.

Gay marriage is ubiquitous throughout the world; its victims exist in all cultures in all times of history. Some degree of homosexuality in the absence of cultural taboos is extremely common in men, especially in prisons. At some stage in life, most men experience homoerotic feelings towards fellow men. According to Masters and Johnson, America has the highest percentage of men, who have had a homoerotic experience to orgasm. The Islamic religion view gay actions as a sinful act that is strongly condemned in the holy Quran.

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Hyenas were considered to be a disgusting animals, because they were believed to engage in homosexual act predominantly; similarly, gay actions themselves began to be viewed as a disgusting act. Homosexuality is associated with the hyenas, the animals believed to rob graves and eat corpse. Gay marriage itself is repugnant, since it is compared with such repugnant animals. Homosexuality was also associated with a form of child slavery, where male children were sold into slavery as prostitutes. Gay marriage was, thus, not just associated with unsavory animal practice, but also with other practices, such as paganism or pederasty (Kurdek, 1994).

In conclusion, gay marriages are not acceptable in the Islam religion just like in any other religions even with the state sensitizing people to accept gay marriages and homosexual relationships as the normal ones. Gay marriages do not help in the continuation of society, because there is no childbearing. Where children are involved through adoption, the children lack motherly love and attention. Gay marriages are also morally wrong and are just supported in the society as civil rights, which does not make the issue moral.

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