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Total Ability is a company dedicated to delivering occupational therapy treatment to its members and other people in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The company is result motivated to give its clients the best professional rehabilitation treatment. The company’s team of bilingual portable professional therapists is prepared to meet the client’s requests in their residence, in their place of work, at their learning institution, at their Saint John mobile workshop, New Brunswick headquarters or anywhere within their environs in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The company’s mission is to make it possible for their customers of all age groups and capacity to perform, to live, to develop into what they desire and to trust all they are capable of. Total Ability Company was established by professional therapist Christel Seeberger in 2002 and registered in 2007. The company’s team attends to their clients during the day, late afternoons and even during the weekends. Total Ability team is motivated by its passion to assist clients. The head office clinic is located in the third floor of Blair Building, East Saint John, 156 Westmorland Road Suite 302. The company’s portable services are usually in Halifax, Fredericton, Saint John, New Glasgow, Moncton, and beyond.
Services Offered:
If a child struggles in school or the stress of home life is wearing the child out, and the parent is becoming overly concerned about the development of their child, all they need to do is contact Total Ability. In fact, there is nothing wrong with your child or your home environment. The only problem is that that child may not have the necessary skills required for the development of a child and the parent may not have what it take s to help that child grow into the kind of person they want them to be. The child may therefore lack the capacity to play and learn successfully. The professional therapy team of Total Ability is available to help both the child and the parent to develop and learn the necessary ability set and instruments you both require for achievement.
The company’s professional therapists assist with the activities of children: self-care abilities such as sleep, visiting the toilet, putting on clothes as well as eating; excellent motor proficiencies and image-perceptual abilities for script, sensory-dispensation and motor skill for everything the kid does all day loon a daily basis, concentration, attentiveness (showing interest) and remembrance for education at school. The company gives professional therapy assistance for the child’s abilities even for other child complications or medical conditions like dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), learning disability (LD), asperger’s, among others.
If a client is in constant or chronic pain which makes it difficult to work, or accomplish other important daily activities, Total Ability is the place to visit. This inability to adjust the place of work without success owing to experiences of pain, lack of sensation, and tingling are serious conditions that require professional assistance. Some people are also worried and scared of resuming their careers after getting involved in an accident or a disease, while others have a special physical or mental disability that makes it difficult for them to resume their daily chores at work or at home. Total Ability offers professional therapy for such conditions, symptoms or interferences.
If an elderly person, be it a parent, friend, or neighbor has a complexity in staying secure at home or feeling safe around people, one should consider occupational help form Total Ability. If the senior member if fallen, and the family member concerned is overwhelmed with selecting the correct utensils to assist them, they should seek help from Total Ability. One could as well have gone to the extent of buying assistance tools which do not help at all thus they really need to stop wasting their time and money. By seeking professional assistance from Total Ability, it guarantees the safety and comfort of their elderly family members which helps them be independent and feel more secure at home. For those who need a wheelchair but don’t know the correct type to purchase; or need to set up the grip slab in the bathtub; or wondering what kind of chair to buy for the elderly; or need assistance in designing an incline that is secure for them; all they need is to contact Total Ability for professional therapy tools answers to assist their elderly parents.
Total Ability offers occupational therapy workshops which deal with both big and small groups of clients interested in knowing more about the advantages of occupational therapy and how it facilitates the independence, efficiency, and satisfaction of its clients. The clients can choose to learn for an hour during their lunch sessions at work or at school, or even learn for 3-7.5 hours a day depending on their daily schedule. The company simply makes arrangement for their team to go anywhere in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and offer their services. In addition to this, the company has currently made arrangements to provide downloadable professional therapy materials and counseling to support seniors, children and adults irrespective of their location. These downloads are important materials for parents, teachers, professional therapists, doctors, nurses and other health professionals. The brochures are knowledgeably studied, printed and include the company’s decade-plus professional therapy performance.
The Owner Size
The company’s team of bilingual movable professional therapists is prepared and all set to meet the customer requirements from any location as long as you ask for their help. Christel is the proprietor of Total Ability Company., a corporation she established in 2002 to distribute her enthusiasm for professional therapy with the entire humanity. From that time, she has worked several areas such as Florida, Quebec, New Brunswick, etc with customers of all age groups in all surroundings: residence, school, and place of work, private clinic, infirmary, nursing homes, among others. Tanya Browne, Chelsea Donaldson, K. Alexa Gauthier, Melissa Grant, Julia Halford, Lisa Kek, April Lambert, Dawn M. Price, Stephanie Weir and Mylène Boisvert are all members of one or more one or more occupational therapy Associations and are all registered to work in New Brunswick.

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