Marijuana: Cons, no Pros

Every society is facing numerous issues that need to be resolved urgently. Each issue requires going to great length to find the solution to the problem due to its impairing, as well as deleterious, impact on society. One of them is the marijuana addiction, which becomes more and more popular nowadays, and at the same time always makes people think of its negative effect on smokers themselves, their families, and society in general.

Marijuana has its long and fraught with details history. One may obtain ample evidence from works of Ancient Times’ writers, who indicated its euphoric effect. However, at those times, there were no claims of this substance prohibition or having any harmful effects at all. Only later, people did see that it had not only a “magic” side but also devastating consequences. Marijuana began its history in the USA at the beginning of the 16th century. From that point up to present, its popularity has not declined, which can be proved by the statistics, in which National Survey on Drug Use and Health states, “Marijuana was the most commonly used illicit drug. In 2011, there were 18.1 million past month users. Between 2007 and 2011, the rate of use increased from 5.8 to 7.0 percent, and the number of users increased from 14.5 million to 18.1 million.” Indisputably, these numbers present the essence of the problem, which is growing steadily and influence the consumers and its surrounding harmfully.

First, marijuana has its pernicious effect on an individual’s health. People, who buy it often, go to extremes and forget about numerous consequences. It is not so hard to discern the situation where a person is on drugs because of their manner of actions and appearance. However, it is not the worst case. Schepsis and Busconi found out, “Marijuana has a negative effect on coordination, short-term memory, and concentration. It impairs spatial and fine motor coordination, resulting in a decline in a variety of psychomotor skills, a decrease in complex reaction time, and a decrease in simple reaction time.” (49) While evaluating information mentioned above, a person can seriously damage his or her health in the search for extraordinary emotions. One may have problems with perception of sounds, visions, memory and the list may be endless if to subject this problem under scrutiny.
Second, marijuana addicts perceive the world upside down. Without a doubt, those people do not pay much attention to themselves and things they did care about in the past. They always have surreptitious plans and ideas, which they want to embody. Graves says in his book, “It also can make people careless about what they do or say. This puts them at risk for unsafe behavior. Heavy marijuana use can cause a teen to lose interest in school, family, and friends.” (22) All these facts may cause serious misunderstanding among people, who can even suffer a blow. Friends, parents, or even acquaintances do not see eye to eye with marijuana addicts and, due to their inadequate behavior, relationships become tense and lose their authenticity. Therefore, marijuana addicts are usually reluctant to do anything and just turn a blind eye to a great deal of problems they need to resolve.

Third, it follows as a logical conclusion from the previous paragraph that close interaction between family members loses its values. Marijuana smokers suffer serious changes in their minds. Their body does not react to the same things in the same way. Sometimes their actions may be so unpredictable that nobody knows what to expect from such people. These changes cannot be viewed as positive ones from any perspective no matter how persuasive the defenders of marijuana may sound. It is visible to a naked eye that marijuana can precipitate collapse inside the family, whose members just cannot ignore the fact that their relationships are getting worse because a person they care about is under the influence of marijuana and does not accept any suggestions and complaints.

Negative effects always construct a chain of cause and effect relations, consequently, after impairment of family relations have gone unfavorable influence of marijuana on community or society. Without a doubt, spreading marijuana has become appallingly popular with all that advertisements containing its propaganda. Thousands of dollars are spent on promoting of marijuana; however, there are more urgent issues to be solved, for instance, hunger or wars. Moreover, one may be stunned to know the amount of money that is spent on a drug war and particularly a war against spreading marijuana. A great deal of police officers, instead of catching killers and rapists, are chasing marijuana dealers. People pay taxes and a big part of the whole sum receives police department. Subsequently, people give their money to something they are not feeling positive about and cannot do anything about it.

Furthermore, the reputation of the community may be ruined if there is a great deal of marijuana addicts. People use to call city blocks according to the level of crime and drug spreading. Therefore, if the numbers are high, it is a tendency for people to get scared that somebody may steal their bags or do something even worse. Nobody knows exactly what happens in the person’s brain, which is under a strong influence of marijuana. One may be calm and deep in thoughts, and at the same time have some visions and perceive another person as an enemy. Pick pocketing, robberies, assaults, and other law violations happen because of a drug usage; marijuana is not an exception. Sometimes a horrible incident might happen and bring calamity into people’s life just because a person wants to have fun or to show off in the friends’ circle. Another vital element is that there is an inclination to taking drugs at the very young age. Without a doubt, children are rapidly developing, and their interests have changed over the last years; in addition, they know a lot about some things, about which their parents did not even hear. All these components epitomize the general opinion about community as a whole that may be called with one word – reputation, which is so hard to transform from distorted into a fair one.

Many unpleasant things can be told about marijuana and its negative effect on a person, family, and community. However, every problem should have its solution. There are many controversies about this particular issue; some people claim that smoking marijuana may be even healthy for lungs and other body organs. Kipper and Whitney reveal the facts about cannabis advantages, “Marijuana is “all natural” in the sense that no synthetic chemicals are added.” (219) However, information may be distorted because of some circumstances. If to take medical marijuana, people recognize it as a cure for depression, pain, so that people’s brain switches from negative emotions into something more pleasant. Another side of this coin shows that young people cross out the line, which tells about sick people and want to understand only that type of information, which tells about its positive impact on one’s body. This issue is a real problem of the modern world, which tends to see only that point which is beneficial. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to begin working with little children, who will form the society of the future. They should know more about the problem with all vivid examples so that they get scared that something bad may happen to them and their family.

It may sound a little bit trivial to some people that a small cigarette with marijuana may cause a lot of problems and misunderstanding; however, all big problems are born on the ground of something unnoticeable. Marijuana is something that should be paid attention to as it brings a very strong influence on a person and all institution of society – family and community. Even Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, once said, “Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.”

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