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Lucid Dreams and Astral Progression

A girl by the name Angelica Zambrano is said to have died for 23 hours. Born from a very firm Christian background, she grew up to be immensely prayerful and religious. She claims to have been taken to heaven and hell by Jesus and shown how God repays people on earth after they die. She saw sinners among them the celebrities of the world such as pop icon Michael Jackson burn in hell. After the 23 hours were over she descended back from heaven and into her body. After the 23 hours, she woke rose from the dead. Many of you will ask yourselves if this really happened, or it’s just a little girl trying to ride on an easy fame wave. Scientist has a name for this experience, astral projection. This is the out of body experience where one’s essence separates from the body and is able to travel and actually exist outside the body.

It can also be a lucid dream. In this case, one knows that they are dreaming while they are asleep. This means that they are able to manipulate the imaginary objects they see; they shape their world and are the “god” of their dream world (Laberge, 2009). What this girl experienced, can be defined as a divine experiences by the religious, but on a scientific field where an occurrence is measured through scientific methodologies, this experience has been said to be of mere mind tricks. What are lucid dreams? What are astral projections? Is it real? This are just but some of the questions that you may be asking yourselves. Someone may be even asking himself if this speech itself is a lucid dream. Well, they are real. Lucid dreams and astral projections have been experienced and even documented by both religious heads and dream scientists.

According to Fredrik van Eeden, the term lucid describes a dream that an individual experiences in which they are aware that they are actually dreaming. These dreams mostly permit an extra ordinary freedom that the individual dream state is in. in case of one talking to a deceased, the individual mostly has a desire to talk to the deceased persons. When one sleeps, they can be able to see the deceased; they can even talk to them and resolve issues. Debates have been brought up as to whether a person in a lucid dream actually communicates with the dead or it’s just the mind trying to console the person’s unresolved guilt pertaining to the dead (Laberge, 2009).

Most of the times when under a lucid dream, the body still functions normally. One can breathe normally or heavily as in the case of having a struggle inside the dream, can murmur words as if they are talking to someone, laugh or even cry. Many victims report looking at a watch frequently and the time does not seem to move or either cannot see the numbers well enough. Lucid dreams pave way for the astral progression. J. H. Brennan describes this as an experience of an individual feeling themselves separate from the physical body and become a ghost. they often feel a paralysis that numbs the body in which they can feel the transition of being torn apart from the body as with the case of Angelica. She reports saying that she was feeling pain as her soul was being torn from the body, two forces that acted opposite from each other, one tearing her from the body and the other resisting her soul to come off from the body (Buckland, 2006). After the soul is separate, one experiences defiance of the laws of nature such as passing through walls, seeing other ghosts and even floating in the air. Dick Sutphen mentions in his book “Course on Astral Progression” that the soul can even see their body lying where they last left it. Time travels normally in the out of body experience.

Attaining astral progression through lucid dreams has several processes that help the transition without mind disorientation. First stage is the conscious relaxation. This entails finding a quiet, dark room, lying down with your legs and hands outstretched. Once one enters the normal sleep leaving images flowing in the mind entering the hypnagogic stage where the mind’s eye sees the individual ascending or descending a flight of stairs or any means of passage to the next stage called vibration state (Buckland, 2006). In this stage one feels the actual transitions through a series of rapid vibrations, sounds, cold chills as the essence drifts to the other dimensions in which anything imaginable is attainable. In near death experiences, one undergoes different stages, withdrawal stage, one goes in a blackout or deep half sleep; cataleptic stage, paralysis in which one’s body cannot move but experiencing noise and bright light; separation stage, the essence is drawn out of the body into the physical world but defying all laws of physics; free- movement stage, one can travel through time and space for a duration of time, willing or unwilling; re-entry stage, the body urging the essence to get back or even a snap of the essence returning back and the individual is awake.

Psychiatrists use this method to resolve issues of night mares, cases haunted of haunted patients and people with amnesia. It helps a lot when used together with hypnosis, which is the best in the transition of the patient to sleep then later into a lucid sleep and eventually into the realm of astral progression (Murray, 2009). In the case of Angelica, this is an extraordinarily rare occurrence indeed. Once her soul was ripped from the body, her body went clinically dead. No brain activity was even recorded. As people try to comprehend this occurrence, being dead for 23 hours should have meant all vital organs collapse without any chances of revival. On the verge of re-entry, her body started becoming warm; her vital organs as the heart started to pump and she just woke up though weak. By now questions have been answered as well as new ones have arisen. But the real question is, if one can live outside the body, then, is immortality possible? Is there another world outside this one? Are our physical bodies an entrapment from our true potentials? They say we only use 15% of our brains in our lifetime, what about the 85% percent?

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