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Life Long Learning

In the course of education, most students pay attention to the subjects that they like the most and think about what career they would like to pursue. The profession choice is a complex and responsible task. However, the more accurate the objective is, the easier it is to achieve. This paper will provide information on what profession I would like to master in the future and how I plan to develop my knowledge.

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In the future, I would like to become an industrial engineer in the field of mechanical engineering. I would be engaged in the development of new, harmless engines for cars and in the improvement of electric cars. Such innovations can help establish a compromise between the needs of humans and the environment (Ronney 9).

Technology sciences are developing with unusual speed in the modern worlds. Thus, I am sure that people who stop their development and training after graduation will never become professionals (UN System Task Team, 3). Only constant self-improvement and self-education can allow an individual to become a professional in the chosen sphere.

I would use The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal to follow the latest news and search for new and interesting ideas (“The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal,” 2016). The Journal of Mechanical Engineering, it its turn, would provide me with interesting information and knowledge that can help me improve my performance. Further, Applied Mechanics Reviews would provide me with information on a variety of branches of technical sciences. Besides, it would be useful to study such magazines as The Journal of Mechanical Design and The Journal of Manufacturing Science.

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During my studying, I realized that the most important thing needed to be successful is to be interested in the subject or problem. Scientific curiosity causes a person to study everything in detail and not superficially. Thus, curiosity and the desire to grow significantly improve the results of one’s work.

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