Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is at the center of all production phases globally. It calls for the application of many brains and skills in order to come up with something unique and complicated. In a bid towards coming up with something new to impress and change the lives of many people, it always gears towards the consumption of material by all production phases. This means that the sustainability of the entire environment is hampered and this may eventually lead to the collapse of many forces. Sustainability refers to the planned consumption and production of goods and services without interfering or leading to the exhaustion of any of the components involved in the production process (Sonja, 2012). The environment should not be interfered with, as it is the main source of the assets. There has to be a major interplay between all forces involved in the consumption of material resources in a bid to ensure the sustainability of the human folk (Michael, 2009). In this essay, I will definitely give specific examples and explanations of production and also consumption habits that humans have always related to most material resources. I will also discuss the major efforts that must always be considered in line with the production and also consumption habits in a bid to sustain the entire global population. In order for humans to realize sustainability in all phases of consumption and production, people have to adhere to eating less meat, and also change their prevailing habit of driving gasoline powered cars (Sonja, 2012).

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Society is a large and influential entity. It has to be a personal call for all humans to ensure that whatever they consume or produce will eventually lead to the sustenance of the whole globe. It calls for having a watch on what kinds of equipment and machinery we put to practice, and also the types of foods people consume. Trends, fashions and styles always influence the lifestyles of people. All these may have their own undoing, as the main perpetrators of the sustainability issue of material use call for adoption of these changes in styles. A lot of oil is used by automobiles in the form of gasoline. The ultimate and hazardous impacts on the environment and nature go to great extends, such as depletion of resources and pollution. Peak oil problems also set in and they also have a negative impact on the sustainability of material (Michael, 2009).

The usual farming methods that were credited as ecologically correct and environmentally sound are no longer being adopted in present day. Farmers have now embraced technology that may give them many yields within a short time, but in the long run affect the environment. The pollution rates from these machines is extremely alarming and this situation needs to be taken care of. Land degradation and depletion are a common occurrences, hence eventually leading to loss and reduction of necessary material resources (Sonja, 2012).

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Family planning is one possible way of controlling the consumption rates of people. The amount of resources that a family needs has to be well planned, in order for the family not to cause a negative impact on the environment. The family and members should approximately know the amount of food and other resources that will be needed to satisfy their needs. Watching after peoples’ habits is also another way of controlling the consumption of material resources. One should be careful to only take a quantity that is necessary for his or her decent life and survival. Overall, it is necessary not to simply overuse the available resources and not let them vanish.

Sustainability, therefore, calls for planned consumption and production of goods and services without interfering or leading to the exhaustion of any of the components involved in the production process. This means that all sectors should be actively involved in ensuring that material resources are used sustainably.

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