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Infrastructure sample essay

Since the time society became civilized, it appears that people needed a developed system of transportation, communications, establishments, and institutions to function in a normal way. Transportation component is especially important in this list. Nowadays, people can travel by cars, trains, planes, or other means they prefer. The ability to move quickly enables citizens to work effectively and efficiently, to see their relatives who live far away, and to solve numerous everyday issues. However, the safety of these transportation means seems to be one of the most serious issue of modern world. The following paper summarizes the events of metro and airplane terrorist bombing in Brussels in order to determine security related gaps.

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Unfortunately, nowadays, terrorist attacks happen much more often than before, and the recent case of Brussels proves this statement. In the morning, on March 25, two suicide bombers struck the departure lounge of Brussels Airport, and an hour after the airport terroristic act, two Muslims “detonated a suicide bomb on the Brussels subway at the end of rush hour” (Hume, Ap, & Sanchez, 2016, para. 6). The law enforcement agencies spent some time to clarify who was guilty in the attacks of two infrastructural elements of Brussels, yet the most important aspect of the problem was the security gaps that existed in the airport and metro system of Belgium. First of all, “there is no real-time system of information which can reach all states.” (After Brussels, 2016, para. 3). In fact, all states must be timely informed of the events or their planning in order to prevent potential danger. Furthermore, the budgetary cuts on the police, intelligence, and internal security contributed to the possibility of an attack and resulted in the discovery of a bomb-making factory in the center of Brussels, which was not found before (After Brussels, 2016). Hopefully, Belgium errors will not be repeated by other states.

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In conclusion, it is important to note that in the modern world, any element of national infrastructure can become an aim of a terrorist attack. With the purpose to prevent these attacks, the system of infrastructure should be properly developed. The security gaps, which existed in the Belgium metro and airport systems, became obvious only after the awful events that brought many victims. Other states should evaluate the drawbacks of Brussels’s infrastructure, especially those related to metro and airport, and implement all the necessary reforms as well as ensure substantial financing to prevent any revelations of terrorism in their territories.

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