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Ideological Foundations of Malcolm and Martin

Malcolm and Martin were the great men of their own times who were once suppressed by the white Americans because of their black color. As sited by Martin in his autobiography on pages 7, 8 & 9, they were obliged to always find their way at the back sit in any public place either on a waiting area or at the bus. Malcolm's fate was more tragic because of the death of his father who was a member of the black reformist movement.

Their bitter experiences in the hands of the white people became their tool to seek their place in the society. Martin led the civil rights movement (page 14) with the intention to pursue equality among the black people and the whites through non-violence. He finished his education and preached his ministry with the conviction to bring equality to men regardless of color and creed (p.18). 

Malcolm on the other hand was inspired by the teachings of his mentor and advocate Elijah (p.194) when he was inside the prison. Malcolm bitterly described the atrocities of the white people among other black slaves as portrayed by him on chapter 11- pages 172, 174 and 184 which proved that the white men were the devils.

Malcolm and Martin had similar ideologies in life though they had separate ways. Martin did it the Christian way while Malcolm did it in accordance to Islam faith. Malcolm and Martin had the same ideology and that is to bring equality among the black people. That was their ultimate dream.

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