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Hunters and Gatherers

 Ancient hunter-gatherer and farmer’s toolkits

Three million years ago mankind practiced hunting, gathering and farming. Hunting is a term used to refer to an activity where human beings trap and kill animals, such as antelopes, hares and gazelles etc., for food. Hunting also includes fishing. Gathering refers to an activity that involves looking for edible wild fruits and insects. Stone Age man practiced hunting and gathering. However, in the Neolithic period man discovered new ways of cultivating crops and domesticated animals. Hunters and gatherers used special tools for their trade though some of tools were similar to those used by farmers.

Hunters and gatherers mainly used arrows, bows, spears, stone knives, and harpoons. They used bows and arrows to shoot at animals and kill them.  They also used spears to hunt animals. Hunters normally threw the spears into a targeted animal if they were close enough to it, or used the weapon to give a final blow to an injured prey. Harpoons were used to trap the animals. Farmers used many different types of tools that included forks, rakes, baskets wooden sickles, spears, axes and flint blades (Spodek 34).

Both hunters and gatherers used tools that were made out of stone, wood and iron. Sometimes, the farmers used the same tools for farming as hunters and gatherers for hunting and picking, for instance, spears and stone knives.

However, farmers had more tools than hunters and gatherers. This was because farming involved a wide variety of activities. Therefore, the tools were specially designed for these purposes. The tools were used for tilling, cutting, ploughing and harvesting etc. Hunters only required tools necessary to trap, kill and cut. Therefore, they did not need as many tools as farmers (Spodek 78).

In conclusion, the tools that hunters-gatherers and farmers used had some similarities and differences. Farmers used many different tools for different purposes as long as hunters and gatherers basically used only couple of them improving their quality all the time.

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