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Housewives/Homemakers Returning to Work

For centuries, people believed that the only place for women was to stay at home, perform domestic duties, and play the necessary role of making the husband happy. The word ‘homemaking’ has an American origin, and it refers to home management. In most cases, people believe that homemakers are responsible for domestic coercion. However, in the recent days, homemakers began returning to work. To some extent, this is a delightful idea, but at some point, it is not a bright move. In this paper, my aim is to expound my position regarding the decision of homemakers to go back to work. In addition, advantages and disadvantages of this move will form part of the discussion. Finally, it will be necessary to come up with self-evaluation.


People believed that homemakers were to be a complement to the male or breadwinner in a family. The duties and responsibilities of homemakers vary depending on the prevailing circumstances and individuals’ desires. However, there are duties and responsibilities that are acceptable for homemakers. Some of the well-known duties include cooking, where homemakers ensure the existence of sanitary facilities for easy preparation of food. In modern kitchens, there are equipments such as ovens, stove, sinks, refrigerators, and kitchen cabinets. A majority of homemakers are able to use microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, and other related electronic appliances (Loux, 2010). In most cases, kitchens are for food preparation, but in some instances, they are used for entertainment and dining. Homemakers also have a responsibility of housekeeping, where they take care and ensure control of property and appliances used in the kitchen. In addition, the homemaker ensures that the foodstuffs bought and stored in the kitchen do not go to waste due to misuse. As a result, homemakers have a task of taking full control of foodstuffs and appliances used in the kitchen.

Furthermore, homemakers have a task of housecleaning. Housecleaning refers to a systematic process of ensuring that the house is clean and neat; because a home is a place of residence, and when people go to work, they later retire home; it is essential to keep it clean and neat to make it friendly. As a result, when homemakers are performing housecleaning, they make sure that they apply the cleaning process everywhere as a procedural reform. Some of the cleaning duties performed by homemaker include disposal of rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, storing belongings at regular places. The homemakers also have a task of laundry, which refers to washing of clothes and linens. In most of the modern homes, there are sophisticated washing equipments that are available, such as drycleaners, laundry starch, and other laundry machines. In such cases, it is vital for homemakers to learn the use of machines, as they will have a responsibility of cleaning clothes using such machines.

Maintenance is yet another crucial role for the homemakers. This can be home maintenance or lawn maintenance. In most cases, homemakers have a predictive maintenance technique, where homemakers try to predict a possible problem and work towards the resolution. As a far as home maintenance is a concern, homemakers ensure that they diagnose a problem at home and try to identify a resolution. In lawn maintenance, homemakers have to abide by their regular lawn care practices. This will help ensure that the lawn’s maintenance is according to the regular basis. Homemakers are responsible for the overall management at home to ensure effective running of day-to-day operations, ensure enough finances at home, and facilitate appropriate organization. Management is far much different from housekeeping, because housekeeping entails cleaning of the house and overall physical maintenance.

Recently, there have been claims that homemakers want to return to work. Indeed, this is a brilliant idea, because families will be able to increase their sources of income and improve their standard of living. People claim that since the homemakers play a significant role in home, the intention of going back to work may have an enormous impact on home. However, in my opinion, it is a noble idea for the homemakers to return to work. Some of the advantages associated with homemakers going back to work included the ability to earn own money. This will lead to increase in disposable income for the family, enabling them to improve their live style (Godwin, 2012). In addition, homemakers who return to work will have financial independence, thus avoiding overdependence on their husbands. Financial independence of homemakers who return to work will enable them to make own choices in issues that involve the use of money. When homemakers return to work, they will be able to meet more people, unlike when they stay in the house or at home the whole day. Their ability to meet more people will help ensure that women expand their opportunities and careers through interaction with others. As a far as a relationship is a concern, working wives and husbands in a family will ensure equality in relationship; for instance, when it comes to buying presents to one another. Moreover, working wives will be able to discover and enjoy life away from home.

Alongside the advantages associated with working wives, there are disadvantages. Some include discrimination in the work place when colleagues discover that one has a child, because most people have a mentality that mothers should remain at home and be with their children. In addition, there exists the possibility of critiques from husband and other relatives for not remaining at home and giving enough time to children. This will lead to little time available for own issues (Hansen, 2012). Despite the fact that working mothers find it essential to employ house helps to be with children at home and to ensure the fulfillment of most homemaker’s duties, at times it is difficult to find a decent house help. As a result, working mothers may end up juggling with work due to their frequent absenteeism caused by lack of a house help. At times, working homemakers end up spending up to half of their salary on childcare, because of the unavailability of a responsible house help. Besides, a mother may end up in the same posts instead of getting promotion due to commitments at home that makes the competitor be favored.


In the past, people believed that homemakers had a task of only performing domestic duties. Such domestic duties and responsibilities include cooking food for the family, taking care of children, performing minor household repairs, and manufacturing of gifts and clothes. In those days, a homemaker was not supposed to get employment away from home. At some point, it is possible to refer a homemaker as a social worker, because they are responsible for overall management of the household. However, being a homemaker is not a lifetime commitment for some women due to some reasons that make homemakers return for work, which include economic factors and other personal issues. As a result, in my opinion, the idea of having women back to work is a brilliant idea depending on perception of affected parties. When homemakers go back to work, families will be able to increase their incomes, thus there will be an improvement of their standard of living.


Self-evaluation is a situation where an individual evaluates own tasks or works. This is common for students because instructors consider it essential so that students learn to be responsible. Instructors have varying strategies used in self-evaluation; for instance, some instructors issue self-evaluation forms for students to fill, or it involves taking tests, asking questions, taking a revision for work done, and journalizing. In situations where children are evaluating their works, they have a task of accessing what they know, and have a chance to express their opinion (Anonymous, 2012). In addition, students get a chance to express their strengths and at the same time acknowledge their weaknesses. Students will also familiarize themselves with believes and related misconceptions. Once students are able to evaluate own efforts, they will set goals, which they are capable of attaining based on the findings from the evaluation. As a result, the impacts of self-evaluation are what motivate most of the teachers to encourage self-evaluation. Therefore, teachers have come up with strategies of enabling students to self-evaluate. Over a long time, teachers have found it necessary to set questions for students to answer. Once students finish answering questions through research, they have a task of accessing themselves on how much they are able to respond to the questions. This is what applies to this paper, as students evaluate themselves against a set of questions.

My paper was able to address all the 12 questions, and as a result, the paper deserves grade A (90-100%). It is worth noting that as far as questions were a concern, the paper recorded exemplary marks. In addition, the points earned in this paper should range from 15.66-17.5, because all the questions where addressed. In my attempt to identify my position, regarding the topic I stated that it is a noble idea to have homemakers returning to work, this is a clear position. As a result, I deserve points ranging from 2.24-2.5. Along the paper, I attempted to provide evidences supporting my position by stating advantages and disadvantages of homemakers returning to work. Therefore, I deserve points ranging from 2.24-2.5. The paper is not for the instructor alone, but to the entire society because of its ability to outline duties of homemakers and the advantages and disadvantages of homemakers returning to work. This is a clear indication that it can be possible to place the paper in the website for access by everyone. As a result, I deserve points ranging from 2.24 - 2.5. When outlining the purpose of the persuasive paper, I stated the significance of having homemakers returning to work in an attempt to persuade husbands and relatives to allow homemakers to return to work. Therefore, I deserve points ranging from 2.24 - 2.5. The choice of words used in the paper is enough to enable use know that its audiences are the entire public. Thus, I deserve points ranging from 2.24 - 2.5. To respond to questions completely, my responses where satisfactory, hence, I deserve points ranging 11.92 - 13.41. Regarding clarity of the machine I am using, I deserve points ranging 4.48 – 5. 

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