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Hinduism in America

The world is changing on a daily basis, thus affecting people’s lives, activities, values, and views on religion. According to Anantanand Rambachan, the religions landscape is changing in the modern-day America, with an increasing number of non-religious population not wanting to accept this or that religious teachings and beliefs (Rambachan, 2015). Thus, Hindu traditions might be lost among the younger generations not associating themselves with this religion. Although people share the same cultural and ethnic background as the majority of Hindus living in America represent the first generation of people coming from India and bringing those values and traditions from the main source of this religion, many people still do not accept and reject this religion, not believing in its values. The author of the article highlighted the nature of an increasing threat to Hindu traditions and Hinduism in America, coming not only from its opposition to other religions practiced in the country but also from the gap between religions and non-religious population.

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In my opinion, the problem is mostly associated with the younger generations who accept the views of their peers, follow the trends promoted in the media, question the existence of God, and raise other controversial religious issues. The role of parents and family members is important in the field as religious traditions and values, teachings and beliefs should be formed in the early childhood through educating children on the nature of the chosen religion and other issues. People should feel the connection with India while experiencing religious needs as religions will facilitate “understanding the meaning of life and will be a source of values for acting in the world” (Rambachan, 2015, n.d.). As for positive reflections, the author emphasized the importance of religious teachings and beliefs in changing the perception of Hinduism on the part of younger generations, who should form proper values and ideals. As for negative reflections, the author did not present changes in the community in regard to promotion of Hindu traditions changing people’s perception of this religion and increasing the number of people entering this religious group.

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