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Highest Paid Women

In the past, there was a concept that only men can lead the world of business. It was considered that women may not maintain their name and position without the support of men. But in this current competitive environment, the scenario has been changed completely. Now women can be seen in every industry working with full efficiency. The today’s women are not behind the men in any case. They have proved themselves to be the best in any field. Even in many fields and areas women have topped and left the men behind by making use of their capabilities. Women all over the world are struggling and working hard in order to get the top positions. They are providing their services in every industry and at every position. In this paper we have focused over the highest paid women in the United States. The women of the United States have struggled hard and entered in almost all the male dominated fields. In past, the women were never considered to be equal to the men in any industry. They were never paid more than men no matter how hard they have tried. In most of the cases it was observed that women left the male dominated industries after making efforts for some time. Things are totally changed now and in today’s world most of the leading companies are being managed by the women. Many such examples are being found in the United States where women are among the highest paid. In this paper we are going to discuss the highest paid women of the United States. This thesis will bring a clear picture of the success of women in today’s world. (Leeuwen, 1993)

By observing the introduction of the thesis, our topic domain is clear. The thesis statement for this thesis can be given as following:

‘The women in United States have proved to be the best in every field. They are also being included among the highest paid managers or executives. There must be some effective habits behind the success of the women in the United States. The aim of this thesis is to find out the effective habits of the highest paid women in the United States.’

In this paper we have taken the examples of the highest paid women in the United States in order to have a look at their way of working. The effective habits of these successful women have been observed. Finally we have given our own opinion that what elements should be added in the working habits in order to make it effective.

Highest Paid Women in the United States

In the following, we have discussed the effective habits and working style of some of the highest paid women in the United States. This information will help us to find out the necessary elements that should be present in the working habits of every working person. We have tried to discuss the effective ways of their working which has led them to get successful.

  • Safra Catz- Co president of Oracle

Safra Catz is serving as the co president of Oracle Company which is one of the world’s leading corporations in producing softwares and in providing IT solutions. Since 2004, Safra Catz is serving this company and has proven her to be the best co president for this company. Because of her effective working it is also being expected that she will be the president of the company as well. She is the highest paid female executive in the United States. There are many reasons for her effective working. Catz has always followed the policy of keeping the things private to the company. Keeping things private to the company and disclosing only in front of limited and relevant people may help the company to boost up. Catz also follows the strategy of taking silent moves. Being low profile is perhaps the thing that has made the impact of Catz high. Being the co president, she is involved in every matter of the company but she believes in making moves silently. This is no doubt an effective habit for any working person that he or she must not leak out the policies, strategies and future plans of the company. If such plans and strategies are leaked out then the company has to face the losses. Catz can be taken as the role model for every working woman. (Burke, 2009)

  • Kathleen L. Quirk

Kathleen L. Quirk stands among the highest paid women in the United States. She is serving as the Executive Vice President, Chief financial officer and treasurer and commissioner of Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Incorporation. She is serving this organization since 19 years. A very major role is being played by her in the Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. The financing and corporate transactions are mainly handled by Quirck and she has performed her best at performing every single task. She is serving as the Executive Vice President since 2007. Performing all the tasks with full responsibility is the main element of her success. She has managing the responsibilities of immense pressure like, handling taxes, treasury, finance, and investor relations. She is very good at managing the things without taking pressure. She knows how to handle the situations and how to build the relations. She has got the skills of managing the complex situations by keeping in mind the favor of the corporation. This is no doubt a very effective habit to deal with the difficult situations without taking any stress. It is also a great quality to maintain the relationships with the investors. These elements lead the organization towards success. Also, these are the secrets behind the success of Kathleen L. Quirk. (Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold, n.d)

  • Trudy F. Sullivan

Trudy F. Sullivan is also among the most successful women of the United States. She is serving as the Chief Executive Officer, Director and President in the Talbot Inc. The Talbots Inc is one of the famous retailer and e-tailer of women accessories. Sullivan is serving as the president and CEO of the Talbots since 2007. She is considered to be the main reason for the success of Talbots. Before Talbots, Sullivan has also served the Liz Claiborne Inc as the President. Sullivan is very experienced and she has the ability to give a life to the products by creating new ideas and updating the products on the regular basis. In the fields of retail and merchandise, Sullivan has got the excellent experience. She has also got the quality of leadership and leads the company very powerfully. Her strategies and vision are very strong and broad. Experience and skills are the reasons behind her success. She has the ability to provide strong leadership in all kinds of economic ups and downs. She has very much focused over the success of the company and for this reason she has developed strategies for survival. She brought many updates and changes in the Talbots Inc after taking over as the President. She has also got the ability to support the incorporation in the worst economic period. Sullivan is a strong working woman and leader. She is able to deal with the challenges that are being faced by the company. The decision making quality of Sullivan is very powerful and also she believes in working over the plans immediately. Talbots was losing its customers, position and inspiration but Sullivan made the incorporation to survive by making hard efforts. She has faced a great deal of stress but has kept herself calm and cool. She has also brought creativity in the Talbots and has also made it to be a compelling brand. It would not be wrong to say that Trudy has got the abilities of leadership and handling the stressful situations. She believes in making changes and also considers time a precious element that should not be wasted. (Abelson, 2009)

  • Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi has been ranked as the 4th most powerful women of the world. She is serving the PepsiCo as the Chief Executive Officer. PepsiCo is the world’s second largest soft drink company. She is being serving as the CEO of PepsiCo since the year 2006. The strategic vision of Nooyi is also very strong and broad. Nooyi has also got the abilities to transform and change. The talent of converting the ideas and plans in to the reality is very much owned by Nooyi. She is an intelligent mind and also knows how and where to use intelligence. She has also enhanced the operations of the company so as to meet the current requirements of the customers. She has made many changes in the company and the main change that was made by her was restructuring. Restructuring a company is not an easy task and she put deep and hard efforts for performing this task. (Indra Nooyi appointed as PepsiCo CEO, 2006)

  • Andrea Jung

Avon is the world’s one of the leading cosmetics industry. Andrea Jung is serving Avon as the Chief Executive Officer since the year 1999. According to her if one cannot bring changes then success if very difficult to be achieved. She also believes in making changes and accepting challenges. Jung also believes in making direct communications with the teams, customers and every other stakeholder involved. Direct communication can make it easier to take decisions and broaden the vision. She focuses over the rationale so that the company may become stronger. Also she believes in building trust and respect in the working environment which also improves the morale of the coworkers. She has changed herself a lot and this made it easier for to change the company. Reinvention is very necessary for making the changes according to her. Self assessment is also her key to success. She used to asses herself and the company so that unnecessary elements may get removed. Also talent development is very much emphasized by Jung. These are the reasons behind her success. (Jones, 2009)

  • Ann Livermore

Another highest paid woman in the United States is Ann Livermore who is serving as the Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions Group Hewlett Packard. Livermore is a very much controlled executive and leader. She is capable of taking string decisions but she also believes in respecting the thoughts and opinions of the employees. The quality of team work and collaboration with the workforce is very much admired by the employees of the company. She deals with the customers in a very organized way and tries to provide them solutions which have also improved the customer relationships of the company. She also has the ability to guide r her team and increase their morale. These are the qualities of her working style and also can be termed as her effective working habits.

Effective Working Habits of Highest Paid Women in the United States

By observing the working style and nature of all the highest paid women of United States we can now easily summarize the effective working habits of these highest paid women. Following are the major effective habits that should be incorporated in every working woman to get successful.

  • Direct Communication

The direct communication with the team members, employees, coworkers, customers and investors is very necessary. The direct communication allows the executives and managers to have a look at their working style. This also allows them to make changes in their working and also in the atmosphere of the organization. Also it is necessary to enhance the morale of the employees. This may lead the organization towards the success.

  • Strong Leadership

An executive should be strong no matter what the gender is. All the above discussed highest paid women have proven themselves to have the strong leadership skills. Leadership skills are very necessary for taking decisions. The leadership will also force the workforce to follow these decisions.

  • Making Changes

Reinvention and regular changes are very important for keeping the organization alive. All the above discussed ladies have focused on making changes for revolutionizing the organizations. The changes in the strategies, architecture and plans should be made in order to meet the requirements of the customers. If an executive cannot change himself then the success is very difficult to be achieved. Changes allow the organizations to make the organizations grow and satisfy the customers.

  • Developing Relationships

Another important effective habit that has been observed in these highest women is to develop strong relationships with the customers. It is an obvious fact that if the customers are happy then the business will grow.

  • Openness

Another effective working habit is to keep the things private to the company. The executives should not disclose the strategies and plans in front of media or irrelevant workforce. Keeping things in private will help the company to boost up and also the impact of the executive will get high.


We can conclude the thesis by saying that in today’s world women are also serving as the executives and managers. They are not only serving but also having the highest salaries. In this paper, we have discussed few of the highest paid women of the United States like Safra Catz, Indra Nooyi and so on. We have found that there are many effective working habits that have allowed them to get successful. These effective habits may include privacy, leadership skills, building and maintaining relationships with the stakeholders, making changes and communicating directly.

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