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Gun Control in USA

Gun control is a controversial issue in the United States. However, it is obvious that control of concealed guns could be of great benefit for the US citizens. In the first place, the issue of security could be easy to address. When everyone is allowed to have a concealed gun, it would be complicated to identify those who have the above mentioned type of weapon with a goal of committing crimes. This means that it would be difficult for security staff to prevent occurrence of crimes. It is possible that security personnel acts with an aim of preventing the occurrence of crime, the criminal fights back, and this would make these people fear to perform their duties.

Right to have a concealed gun would lead to increasing of crime rates. This is because many people use their weapon in unnecessary incidents leading to criminal activities. Whenever humans develop little arguments, they end up using their concealed guns as a way of protecting themselves even in the unnecessary circumstances.

The learning process in colleges and universities is made difficult with concealed guns. It happens that students attack their teachers if there are conflicts. Students also aim at identifying whether their teachers have concealed guns and this creates insecurity. The college and university employees work with a lot of fear due to the right to have a concealed gun. They are afraid that the students can attack them especially during times of strikes or demonstrations. If guns are controlled, activities in these institutions could be much easier.
It is important to note that people with mental illness can have a gun according to the laws. In this case, these individuals can threat the security of a region since they may end up causing crimes. Whenever the pointed situation happens, as a rule, the court decrees do not punish such people. To solve this problem, gun control would be important.

It is necessary to say that possession of guns is advantageous. People can give themselves the security they need without the assistance of police. This means that the government ends up incurring fewer costs with the presence of the law. However, the advantages of possessing a concealed gun are outweighed by the disadvantages. This is why it is reasonable to enforce gun control laws.

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