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Ethical Principles

Often, nurses are caught between controversial value systems facing complex ethical dilemmas. The Code of Nursing Ethics was created as a guide for carrying out the responsibilities of nurses in a manner consistent with the ethical obligations of the profession and quality in healthcare. It refers to standards of conduct and moral judgment. Generally, there are several principles of nursing ethics to which nurses should adhere. However, the principle of justice is the most important among the other ethical principles in nursing because it ensures the fair treatment of patients and helps to balance values and virtues.

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Justice is one of the core principles of nursing practice. The idea of justice is a universal human need since it stands for equality. According to the principle of justice in nursing, all patients should be treated equally and fairly (7 key ethical principles, 2014). Justice is a complex ethical principle. Its meaning ranges from the equitable allocation of resources in healthcare to the fair treatment of patients. Every day nurses face issues of justice when organizing care for their patients. In particular, they take patients’ needs into consideration and decide how much time they have to spend with them. Then, according to the principle of justice, they should fairly distribute the resources as main influencers in day-to-day decisions in healthcare (Code of ethics, n.d.). Furthermore, justice is concerned with issues such as who decides what treatment is administered and who receives treatment in healthcare. Thus, the principle of justice stands for equal treatment and distribution of resources.

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To conclude, nurses face different pressures in their profession that often impact patient care outcomes and nurses’ day-to-day practice. Justice is a concept intended to promote equality. The principle of justice in nursing involves equitable and fair treatment of patients. It is the most important principle for healthcare since it balances values and virtues in the nursing profession.

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