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Do People Rely on Computers

In the contemporary world, technology is everywhere. Technology has incorporated itself in every aspect of human beings. It has transformed people’s lives tremendously in that it would be difficult for some individuals to imagine how life would be without technology. The invention of the computer has always been regarded as the major breakthrough ever to occur in the 20th century. It has made the lives of many people comfortable. According to Jacko & Sears, invention of the computer has given rise to countless technological advancements that have eased the way human beings live their lives (17). Apart from the common personal computers, the use of computers has been replicated in many fields. This range from game machines, high tech medical facilities, and media tools among others. As the use of computers increase among people, there have been concerns as to whether people rely on computers too much these days. This debate has dominated the international arena for quite a while. I believe that, to some extent, people rely so much on computers. My answer is based on a number of issues as will be explained in this paper.

Computing technology has infiltrated every aspect of human beings. They have made life comfortable in many ways. People do not have to spend extra time or resources looking for some information. One only needs to click a button to access whatever he wants from the Internet. The internet has been instrumental in boosting people’s interaction and access to information. However, the use of this technology has been over-emphasized because of computer in regard to access to information. Availability of information has made many people lazy. People have lost the power to memorize and interrogate issues deeply. People are just preoccupied with accessing the web when they need some information. I think the use of computers should only be limited to helping a person gather relevant facts about a topic but synthesis of pertinent facts should be left to individuals’ innate ability (Jacko & Sears 47).

Over-reliance on computers for research purposes kills creativity and innovation. It has led to the emergence of a society that is entirely dependent on machines even for simple tasks. We currently have a generation that cannot perform a simple mathematical problem without a calculator. Our sense of judgment has been superseded by technological advancements taking place in the computer world. This is a threat to natural talents because computers can only perform programmed tasks. One wonders whether this world will ever have brilliant minds like those of scientists who contributed immensely to numerous discoveries. Most scientific discoveries in the medical or social sphere were made by people who relied solely on their natural brain. There were no computers to guide them in their endeavors. This points out clearly that human beings have immense capabilities that may be weakened by computers. Over-dependence to the computer technology poses a major challenge to future generations. People would not be able to carry out basic tasks without relying on machines.

Another argument in support of the fact that people over-rely on computers regards computer games. With hundreds of thousands of computer games being discovered and offered for sale every day, most children have fallen victims of these advancements. They have abandoned ordinary ways of playing with each other in preference for computer games. As a result, most children find it difficult to interact and have fun with their counterparts. I think the use of computers has been exaggerated in this case (Jacko & Sears 47). Computers’ use must be limited to official use only. People must learn to separate their social issues from technology. Games are very vital for young children. They help children develop a sense of communication and other interpersonal traits that are crucial for all social animals. Over-indulgence in computer games is very popular among children in developed countries. Youngsters in developed countries have been enslaved by computer games in a way that they cannot have fun in the absence of a Play Station or video games.

This development has killed natural social traits of the younger generation. The emergence of social media has added an insult into an injury. Currently, most people carry out most conversations through social media platforms. Social media has revolutionized the way people interact either in social or work places. It is common to find people chatting on social media about various developments in their lives. This sounds perfect because social media provides an avenue for constant communication among people. However, social media platform has been over-used in my opinion. I feel social media should only be used for general purpose communications like exchanging pleasantries and personal greetings. Nevertheless, most people currently rely on social media for almost every communication. One can hardly sit for five minutes without pressing their laptops or cell phones for a chat or two with their online network of friends (Peters 37).

Existence of online communities has eroded the aspect of face to face communication. People have become accustomed to social media in a way that they cannot cope without it. It would be difficult for some of us to communicate without social media. I personally feel that people should not over-indulge in social media. They should focus more on horning their natural communication skills rather than relying on social media. I do not want to sound paranoic, but I sincerely think that in the future we may have a generation of people who can not express themselves through natural means because of over-reliance on computers. Nevertheless computers have made life comfortable. Human beings should not focus on technology at the expense of their natural power.

Technology is a very dynamic industry. Thousands of technological discoveries are made every year leading to development of highly sophisticated gadgets. Cell phones and other hand-held devices have been developed to ease communication and access to information through the internet. Hand-held devices have become part and parcel of human beings. Imagine a human being without a cell phone? It will be extremely difficult for people to live without a cell phone today. The use of this gadget has been over-emphasized to imply that people cannot live without it. This is not entirely correct, people can still afford a comfortable life without mobile phones or hand-held communication gadgets. Mobile communication technology was discovered a few centuries ago. Prior to that discovery, people used to interact and go about their duties comfortably. This demonstrates clearly that the current generation has just over-relied on cell phones. I am not against the use of mobile phones totally, but I feel that mobile phones use should be limited to emergence cases only. I think that technology must be applied and used in deserving cases only.

People have fallen victims of the computer industry. Right from watching televisions in the living room to billboard advertisements on the street, people have come to learn about meticulous and fancy gadgets. People have been persuaded to invest huge junks of their income into acquiring state of the art computer devices. In developed countries, for instance, it is common to come to an individual having of more than five communication gadgets. This is clear evidence that people over-rely on technology. Most individuals believe that technology can offer solutions to life challenges. That is the reason why most people own numerous gadgets hoping to improve their lives. This scenario demonstrates perfectly that people engage in computers too much these days.

Another example of computer over-reliance is the concept of a computerized car. Car manufactures are engaged in research that would lead to development of computerized vehicles. This type of automobiles will be unique in the sense that they would carry out most operations on their own and thus limiting human participation in driving. An idea like that affirms vividly that the current society is dangerously preoccupied by technology. Perhaps the world needs to pause a little in order to realize that computers are programmed and like any other technology, they are prone to errors. With our over-reliance on technology, it would be extremely dangerous for computers to ground to a halt. Imagine what will happen if all computer operations in hospitals were to break down. The consequences would be tragic solely because of the over-reliance on computers. The current generation has failed to pursue other safe ways of doing things in favor of technology without thinking of the negative consequences of it (Peters 71).

A classic example occurred last year when a technical hitch shut down the system on London stoke exchange. All operations grounded for over 8 hours. The results were devastating; 8 million pounds were lost during the process. Why should people subject themselves to such risks by over-relying on computers? Technology should be limited to use in certain areas only. I think people are no longer interested in the use of technology, but they are just obsessed with it. As much as people like new products, they will be missing a world without technology very soon. People will long for a book in hard copy form. They would no longer wish to be on twitter, instead, they would want to interact physically. A computer was meant to act as a tool for human beings, but because peoples’ obsession with technology, computer now acts as an indispensable necessity.

I acknowledge the immense benefits that have come with the invention of the cyberspace. Indeed, there are many benefits that one can derive from using the internet. It has interconnected the world in the manner that most people could not believe. However, the internet has its own disadvantages and over-dependence can have negative effects to users. The internet contains inappropriate information that can be extremely dangerous to people who use it from time to time. It contains harmful viruses that can infiltrate and damage online content permanently.


The invention of computers and technology in general has improved the way people live and work. The internet provided a platform for globalization. Without technology, the world could have been the worst place for mankind. However, the phenomenon of technology should not be over-estimated. Use of computers should not be allowed to permeate every aspect of human beings. People should safeguard their individualism through responsible use of technology. Over-use of technology can have numerous negative consequences to people. Technology should only come in to supplement what human beings are unable to do independently. It should not be allowed to shape the destiny of human beings. People should always protect nature through safe use of machines and technology. Technology can be beneficial to human beings if it is explored and used appropriately. People should not focus on technology and ignore their innate abilities.

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