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Difficult Conversations


Difficult conversation is something that one faces when the discussion presented have conflicting ideas. It is a situation when two or more individuals do not agree of what has been discussed which makes the conversation difficult to tackle.  The Harvard Negotiation Project led by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen hence the authors, had made things possible and had helped those who are facing these kind of dilemmas and make difficult conversations more manageable. The problems presented and solutions were as follows:

There are three types of conversation that one should look into. You need to sort out whether it deals on facts, emotional or something that that deals with connotations. When one deals with facts, this means that you have to support your ideas and that is where the argument begins. Conflicting ideas arises on grounds when one have different perception and different views of interpretations. Others may intentionally do it for the sake of argument and to test your intelligence on how far you can defend your stance. Difficult conversations usually delve on other people's feelings and emotions which makes thing more difficult. As a good conversationalist, you should be open these kinds of conversation. The best thing to do is to listen to each opinion and end the topic with the right solution instead of making the argument more difficult.

What makes the situation more difficult is when one asserts his/her view to be more credible while the other imputes and disagrees and much more, when one starts blaming each other. This usually happens in family feuds and big business deals when something is at stake. As a good listener, you should be the one to weigh each argument and find the right solution of the problem. In this situation, the listener gets more ideas of what has been discussed. Being on the fair ground, you should consider the pros and cons of the discussion. This simply means that you have t explain the advantage and disadvantages to arrive to a sound conclusion.

Debate is the essence of the whole issue when one have to defend his/her own point of views. In difficult conversations, the one with good intention usually prevails against bad intention. If you're a good conversationalist, you should learn how to accept defeat and refrain from denials because it will only make things worse. Lastly, you should be skilled enough to carry these kinds of conversation or else the intention to settle a difficult conversation will be defeated.

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