Diamond in Botswana

The article talks about the role of diamond in Botswana and the impact it has on the life of people in the country. Botswana is the leading producer of diamond in the world today, and the companies sort the most durable ones to sell them in markets in the West, mainly United States and the United Kingdom. Botswana is the county that is producing the most valuable diamonds in the world today as compared with countries like Russia and Australia. The article also gives a view of the country on how it has not used money from the export of diamond to improve the livelihood of her people. The dependency of other countries like trading with South Africa is an attestation to this fact of dependency (Perlez, 1990).

The use of diamond in this country is for the purposes of selling to the western world. In addition, this diamond is useful for the country’s high exchange rate reserves that add up to about $ 2.7 billion. This is essential to the economic development of the country. The production of diamonds is mainly through mining after which sorting occurs. The producers put together the purest forms of diamond for export. The other notable use of diamonds in the world today is for the purposes of adornment and making of cutting tools ( Want To Know It, 2012).

Botswana is a diamond dependent economy (Silk Invest, 2012). The discovery of diamond in Botswana dates back to 1967 and the government has used this as a chance to improve the livelihoods of its people. However, the author of this article notes that though diamond is power for Botswana as a country, it is still dependent on other countries. This is because the county is landlocked. One of the most notable things is that the country relies on South Africa in order for the Botswana to open up to the world. Though it has tried to cut this dependency, the option is that it needs the other countries to transport diamond. The country is yet to improve the livelihoods of her 1.3 million people from the sales of diamond. This is a clear indication that with the power that the country has from diamond, it is yet to become powerful like the precious stone. The levels of unemployment in the county are a mark of how the country has not moved out of the whims of poverty (Perlez, 1990).

Botswana diamonds are not late in their life, and this means that production of diamond in the country may double in the future. In addition, the country has developed economically improved in governance thereby becoming a model in the African continent (Silk Invest, 2012). Diamond for Botswana is a blessing as it enabled the country to improve the livelihood of her people. Botswana is a diamond dependent economy and it is essential that she identify other ways improving other sectors of the economy (Silk Invest, 2012). 

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