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Culture Geography

Cultural geography in human geography context is defined as the study and analysis of norms and their cultural inventions in relation to space and location. Cultural geography is a broad terminology used to describe how human beings behave in different parts of the globe. Science, on the other hand, is a term that has diverse meanings depending on the circumstances, under which the term is being applied. Scholars and researchers define science as the knowledge acquired through meticulous studies. Scientists further argue that science is a process of acquiring knowledge about general truths. My understanding of the term science is derived from an understanding that science is a branch of study that deals with facts. Therefore, in my own words I would describe science as logical knowledge (or systematic facts) of material or physical world acquired through experimentation and observation.

Science has varied characteristics because of its diversity. Science is evidence driven and precise in nature. This means that before arriving at any scientific conclusion, there must be sufficient prove to corroborate the claims. In this respect, I would describe science as logical; logical in the sense that it makes use of appropriate forms of judgment to arrive at reasonable and rational conclusions. Science is characteristically hypothetical in nature. This is clearly evidenced in the way scientific outcomes are handled. All scientific outcomes must be falsifiable, however perfect they may look. This means that science is based on hypothesis and not definite facts.

Science is also characterized by experiments. Science is an experimental subject that requires time and caution. Most scientific breakthroughs have taken many years to be made. Some experiments take too long to be concluded, and the conclusion may not always be positive. Science has a characteristic of presuming that all things obey the law of nature. Science is founded on the belief that all laws of nature are universal. This is a misguided judgment, in my opinion. It is through this false assumption that most scientific discoveries have been recalled a day after being declared. The universe is extremely diverse, and it is wrong for anyone to imagine that everything under the sun obeys common laws. Rigidity is another characteristic that is synonymous with science. Science does not consider undocumented or unproven facts as valid. It requires extraordinary prove to make unconventional claims.

I fully agree with the claims of Charles Percy Snow that science form culture or part of the culture. My unequivocal support is based on the fact that all things that human beings know in this world are acquired through scientific experiments. We live in a culture that cherishes knowledge and dislikes ignorance. As Charles puts it, the world cherishes knowledge that is based on discoveries and experiments. Anything that does not lie within the precincts of science is considered worthless. This is not entirely true; knowledge manifests itself in numerous forms. Science alone cannot define knowledge. Science relies on a narrow interpretation that all things obey the law of nature. Since the advent of science, the concept of science has been dominating the minds of many people for many years. People deserted their unique ways of reasoning in favor of science. This has turned every aspect of human life into science-based. Human beings have become science-based in the sense that every aspect in life is evaluated through scientific approaches. Charles Percy Snow’s assertion that there are two distinct cultures separated by humanities and science seems correct. 

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