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Code of Ethics

Ethics is significant in determining the differences between the right and the wrong; therefore, ethics is a moral guidance in personal and professional actions. Ethics has posed difficult challenges for individuals since various interpretations have been raised on ethical conduct. Owing to this, an individual may be faced with circumstances where ethical conduct is critical to prevent abuse of authority. It is essential to recognize ethics as a control measure which ensures that people do not use others as a means to an end. This prevents the abuse of power or authority and constricts human actions within moral bounds in any profession.

While on an industrial attachment, a significant ethical dilemma posed itself. While my duties entailed keeping records in an accounting department, it was critical to observe and keep true and fair records. These aimed at reflecting the actual versus the projected expenditures in the department. However, given that I was acting in a trainee capacity, I had no express authority to assert my function as a book keeper; hence I had to rely on my immediate superior to do so. This position limited my ability to assert myself. It is at this time that I noticed that employee funds were siphoned off by the senior accounting staff.

In light of this, it was the most difficult part of the fact that I was ordered to participate in defrauding the employees by making false records. I knew it was unethical to participate in these actions, but I feared failing to do so would compromise my standing and recommendations with the company. I felt that I was used to commit unethical acts which contravened my personal beliefs and professional capacity. These actions made me feel the blunt implications of unethical behavior and actions. These prompted me to realize that without ethical codes of conduct, individuals in authoritative positions are left to decide on what is wrong or right. It can lead to the abuse of power and hence unethical behavior.

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