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Citizens Review Board

Since there is no single model of what a review board should look like, I would recommend an intensive, regular and specific type of oversight system to monitor and make an overview (countercheck) to the activities of the review board (Yukl, 2011). This is because, this type of oversight system makes evaluations and appropriate checks on the activities of the review board on a regular basis without fear or favor. When we talk about regular, we simply meant that the oversight system monitors the review board after a specified period of time without failure. The system also ensures intensified over-viewing of the activities of the board (Yukl, 2011). This means hat the system goes deeper into each and every detail and leaves no stone un-turned when carrying out the monitoring process. Lastly, the system enhances specificity in which specific activities of the board are monitored one by one so that appropriate corrective actions and recommendations are made specifically and not generally. Specificity ensures that a fault in one activity does not affect other activities of the entire board (Yukl, 2011).

A point where I will reach out to the community for input is when the review process requires certain or specific information or details that can only be obtained in that particular community. For instance, security issues, problems encountered by the community, personnel familiar with the community and other inputs can only be obtained from the community. Resources like water, electricity and working materials have to be obtained from the community. This is because at this point, the help of the community will be necessary to make the activities of the board easier, manageable and reliable (Langbein, 2010).

There are several advantages as well as the disadvantages of having a citizen's review board. A citizen's review board is board comprising of several volunteers from the community who come together by means of appointment by the judicial judge from the district administration. Once they congregate together, they form a board which reviews the status of cases that involves the welfare of the community members especially the special members of the community (children, the aged, the sick and the disabled members of the community). In other words, the board advocates for the community rights and helps solve their problems and complaints (Langbein, 2010).

The advantages of the citizen's review board are that it helps the community grow and stay comfortable, safe and secure. This is through intervention of problems facing the community, protecting community members from harassment by police, protecting children and other members of the community. Another advantage is that the board acts as a means through which the members of the community are able to access assistance from the top authority (Langbein, 2010).

The disadvantages are that if the board is not closely monitored, it can engage in a high level of corruption and the community may never find solutions to their problems. Corruption in the board may also lead to diminishing of community recourses. There can also be selfishness where the members of the board may decide to only advocate for own interests without considering the entire community. The board may not be a true representative of what the community really wants (Langbein, 2010).

There are some legal issues that need to be addressed. These include the viability of the review board. The board has to be legally vetted by the administrative judge and obtain a legal operating license from the district authority. The board must be recognized as true representative of the community and this is approved by a board of community leaders (Langbein, 2010).

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