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Business Report

a. Introduction

According to the task assigned ,we conducted a research on LSBU. The investigation was undertake in LSBU to find out some perceived problems in the school. After consulting with students and staff of the school, many problems came into consideration . Keeping in view the importance of these issues we ranked those problems.Out of these, three main problems are highlighted in this report.

b. Basic Problems

Three basic problem highlighted by our investigation are;

%u25CB       Why does the school has only one cash machine?

%u25CB       Why there are a limited computer facilities in the school's library?

%u25CB       Why the students are not satisfied with the food of canteens?

c. Possible Causes of the problems

When we analyzed deeply,  we came up with many possible causes of these problems.

i). Possible Causes of only One Cash Machine:

There is only one cash machine available in the school. There could be multiple reasons behind this decision of placing only one machine. Some of the possible reasons are mentioned here. Firstly, the school may not have sufficient budget to place multiple machine in the school to fulfill the demand of more machines. Secondly, the risk associated with placing more machines is high. Thirdly, the surcharge paid to the bank is proportional to the number of machines. So, the school will have to pay more surcharge to the bank if it places more machines. Lastly, the lack of security is also very important factor behind not placing more cash machines. if the school opts to increase the number of cash machines, it will definitely have to increase the security required to maintain it.

ii). Possible Causes of the Lack of Computer Facilities:

The school offers a limited computer facilities in its library. The possible reasons behind this shortcoming are mentioned here. Firstly, the lack of enough budget to equip the library with computer facilities is the primary reason. Secondly, there is no spare space where more computers can be placed. Thirdly, the tower block has more computers already that's why the administration does not feel the need to place more computers in the library. The students can go to the Tower Block to use computers. Lastly, more time will be needed to maintain a greater number of computers. The work load will increase.

iii).Possible Causes of unsatisfactory food:

The canteen of the school is offering unsatisfactory food possibly due to the following reasons. Firstly, limited budget allocated to the canteen and limited number of resources. Secondly, the Canteen has hired unprofessional chefs who have failed to deliver quality food to its customers. Thirdly, the canteen displays food for long time that's why food is substandard and not fresh. The taste of the canteen's food is very odd. Either heavy taste or tasteless food is offered. Lastly, Students eat better food at home that's why they don't like the taste of the canteen.

d. Solution to the problems

i). Possible solutions for Cash Machine

In order to solve the problem of only one cash machine, LSBU should set more cash machine in different buildings. Card machine should be placed at canteen to facilitate the users.Students can be offered monthly, bi-yearly or annual vouchers to the users.The students will not have to queue up to get cash from machines. But the vouchers can prove to be a wastage if they are not used within the time limit.

ii). Possible solutions for Computer Facilities

The problem of lesser number of computers in the library should be resolved. Firstly, the school should place more computers in the library to facilitate the students. Secondly, high speed computer systems should be provided. Thirdly, the processes of repairing the computers should be triggered to avoid the users from any inconvenience. Lastly, wireless printers should be set so that the students can connect directly to the printers by their laptops. In this way, less number of computers will be required. But the problem may arise that some laptops don't have wireless facility.

iii. Possible solutions for unsatisfactory food

The school needs to take corrective measures to solve the issues of food. Firstly, professional chefs should be hired to cook quality food. Secondly, fresh food should be served and quality should be improved. Thirdly, the school's Canteen can cooperate with other retail store chains to provide quality food. Lastly, the recipes of the food provided at the Canteen can be change to cook better food admirable by the costumers.In this way, the students will have wide range of options. But some students might still want to have the original taste.

Canteen Manager's viewpoint:

The canteen's manager has provided the following solution and justification. According to him, the students have the option of filling the customer's feedback They have the option of ordering the type of food. The canteen offers the food similar to that of cooked in home and has low salt. The menus keep on changing every four week. Three types of meat and one vegetarian food is offered per day.


The school has many problems out of which the basic problems are limited computer facilities in the library, unsatisfactory food and only one cash machine. Insufficient begets, risks, and unprofessional chefs are some of the primary reasons behind the problems faced by the school. The primary solution is to increase the budget allocated to these areas to improve them. 

According to us,  the school should give monthly, bi-yearly and annual vouchers to solve the problem associated with only one cash machine. In this way, the students' precious time will be saved from wasting in long queues. Fresh food should be served to the students. In this way, the quality will also be improved and customer complaints will reduce. Wireless printers should be set. It will reduce the demand for computers because most of the students use library computer to get print outs.

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