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A Leisure Activity

With so much said about leisure activities, you would assume that you know everything and every type of leisure activity that people engage in. Some of the common leisure activities you know include in dancing, swimming, singing, listening to music, jogging and many others depending on personal preference. There are many avenues you can explore these leisure activities and relax your tired mind after engaging in a tough day full of rigorous activities. However, there is a lot you are not aware on leisure activities. This narrative essay is from an experience I had late last year that shock me regarding leisure activities.

Mary is my friend who we have been together for years. She took me to great places and we had fun together in watching football, singing hymns, watching movies and all the crazy stuff that could relax our minds. I always passed by his work place by five in the evening knowing that she was ready to go for some activities for fun. We had been used too much in these activities, that they were boring and we never had the enthusiasm to practice the norm again. They had become very monotonous and we needed a change. However, we still did not have many options left and not everything was for us to explore because some crazy stuff needed a heavy budget if we needed something unique. In our search for fun, we used to meet a certain group of people that walked passed the streets with written messages on their heads. Others had painted their faces with many colors and they had a band playing music as they marched. Nobody knew whom these people were and when they used to go after they finished the marching. Rarely could we care because we had other business and furthermore, they did not interfere with anyone but marched passed the streets.

Then one day, when with Mary searching for a joint to have fun, the same group came walking past us. A girl in the group winked at me. This really caught me by surprise and I had to investigate who the girl was so I knew what I had to do. Surprisingly, these people were the same who came the next day dressed similar to the day before. Then I waited anxiously to see whether I could see the girl who I had noticed quite well and could spot her at a first glance. That day, she was not there because I looked over the entire group but could not spot anyone even close to her body figure. I was disappointed but I vowed not to give up. Then I waited the other day, and still did not see the girl among the group members that passed me. I gave up and decided to forget about the whole scenario.

One day, it came as a coincidence that I was not with Mary. I knew I could not have fun alone and decide to follow this group secretively and see where these people used to go. It was a long journey as these people walked past all the streets in my homeland and vanished into a thicket. I was not sure whether to follow them in the bush but I decided to try it. As I approached the bush, my heart was beating fast and I did not know what to do but I still stayed put and walked past the first corner. I peeped but still saw no one and I was beginning to loose touch. I was so afraid that I almost begun to scream but decided to wait and see what would happen. I knew this girl was in that group and I really wanted to see her. The more I waited the more the girl came into my mind and I really was anxious to see her.

I walked across the grasslands and finally heard some murmuring from a distance. Apparently, I knew that the group was the one that vanished into the tall grasslands. I could sense they were doing their thing from that end. My mind was not sure of what to do but I knew one thing that, I had to crawl and see what they were doing. As I approached, the noise got stronger and I was shivering even more. After some strides, I managed to get myself in a good position to see what was going on. The group had formed a circle and they were singing with sweet voices that could easily take you to a deep sleep. Amazingly, my lovely girl appeared and she was going round the circle singing sweet songs and entertaining the people in the group. I was so jealous that I thought I could storm in and take the girl away. Then she started walking approaching where I was. She was all smiling as she approached me. I knew she had seen me since she winked again before she started walking in my direction. I started smiling but my heart was beating fast. When she got to me, we hugged and held tight before the group members told her to walk away and leave me. I felt a big challenge and decided to react. I held the girl tight as she struggled to loose herself. Then I heard the voices from one of the group members say ‘he is alive.’ The girl held my head and called my name. Then I realized it was a mere dream. Surprisingly, I found myself in a hospital with doctors surrounding me shocked of what had happened.

I later came to remember that I was involved in an accident and taken to hospital. From the doctor’s report, I was presumed dead after they tried everything to get me out of a comma. An analysis from a psychologists claimed that the dream kept me alive. It was a leisure activity to keep me going and help me fight for my life. It might have taken days.

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