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Oprah Case Questions

1. What is authenticity? How does the Oprah! case illustrate the roots and meaning of authentic leadership?

Authenticity in leadership is about building the leader’s legitimacy by caring for others and establish honest relations with the followers based on the ethical principles. Authentic leaders are also mission-driven and focused on the results rather than on the process. Additionally, they are self-aware and open to others. Authentic leaders are not afraid of showing their nature. Their private and public lives are guided by the same principles. Such leaders lead with their heart and demonstrate their emotions while managing their ability of being strong. Additionally, they prefer long-term aspirations to the short-term goals.

The traits of authentic leaders could also be traced in Oprah’s case. For years, she has donated 10% of her income for charitable purposes. She tries to introduce meaningful changes and achieve long-term goals by establishing black colleges and universities in the USA. Long time ago, she accepted her origin and never denied it. She supported her followers, grieved with them, and shared their happiest moments. She set an example to follow for the millions of Americans by devoting her personal time for the public purposes. Oprah encourages people to change, to challenge themselves, and to grow by her example. She retells her story with all the flows to show her vulnerability and weaknesses.

2. How will you find authenticity for yourself as a leader?

I consider that I have certain inclinations that might allow me to become an authentic leader in the future. I truly care about people, and I am not afraid to show my vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However, I do encourage others to grow and develop. The acceptance of the responsibility is not a burden for me but rather an opportunity to achieve more and to improve myself and masters my skills. I am guided by the set of inner principles that I developed during the years. I had to learn the taught lessons to understand their importance. In Oprah’s case, she accepted her personality, her story, and turned it into many benefits.

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