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Umm Kulthums Impact on Egypt

Talent is an opening to achievements and fame. This depicted by Egypt's Umm Kulthum. Diva Umm Kulthum was born and raised in Egypt in accordance to the norms and culture of Muslim religion. Her parents brought her up in Muslim taboos and culture. This inspired a lot the people in Egypt since she was a great singer. She started singing in her teenage age since her talent in singing started showing exceptionally. It is clear that umm kuthum adapted the cultures under Muslim religion since her father taught her a lot in the Muslim religion such as reading and knowing Quran (Muslim holy book).

She was taught fully about the book and it was known that she was capable to memorize the whole book. Due to her talent in singing, she gained a lot of respect and became very famous in her songs to the entire society in Egypt. She was the greatest musician in the Egypt society. Every song generally celebrated the miracle of the Arabs and their Muslim faith. Almost each person was gathered by the great Arab traditions which ran through the extent of longing away for the past, unenergetic love, injured pleasure and memories of missing passion. They bridged the numerous gulfs to combine the unlike social fragments of the Arab humankind into a touching at whole. It is understood to the Egypt society that she has been a responsible in keeping Islamic religion and heritage and portray the past moments of Islamic religion. She also used Arabic melodies to enhance Islamic part through her melodies which people loved it in large. Thus she maintained Islamic laws and culture.

In the 50's, Umm kulthum was seriously ill and that was when she engaged herself in religious politics. It was difficult for her since women in Egypt were not allowed to rule or to be leaders. She found it challenging but she did not give up in politics. She was forced to step down from events that led to elections of Gamal Abdel Nasser as a president. During that time, Umm kulthum sang numerous national songs that were parabolic and which consisted of her life history. She also sang songs on social and political questions where she created friendship with the president and she began fighting for people's rights.

In her years of fame she became recognized because of both president of music and portrayed a great public figure. She also participated in the war against Israelites and the Arabs. She helped in the defeating Arabs. Umm kulthum taught women lesson that no woman could have done during the days where a woman can rule and be a leader in the society. Her career and chronicles in her life illustrated her popularity in society, thus challenging women to rise to the public arenas. It was not easy to accord with Arab and Muslim but to her case she was able to conger both cultures and traditions and also in the Quran reading. She created her own idioms from local standard and tradition and came up with creative song style. Umm kulthum

Umm kulthum helped in the formation of culture and contributed in different ways. She fully developed closeness with Nasser the president since they were from the lower classes hence utilized opportunities for upward mobility in their new lifetimes. They were both powerful in the society and they later became educated to the Egyptian standards. Umm kulthum has portrayed a picture which can enable individual to utilize their talents and help the society in a positive perspective. She had great influence on the entire Egyptian nation in the course of the 20th century. This was through her courage to rise among the crowded masculine society in her fight for gender equality.

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