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The United Stated and Central America

Monroe doctrinewas first introduced in the united state in 1823. The U. S economy and military power enhance the Monroe doctrine. It was the greatest extension which came with the Theodore Roosevelt corollary and which in turn made the real or the original meaning of the Monroe doctrine. James Monroe (president of U. S) issued the doctrine during his first 7th annual state of the union. It was introduced with doubt and later with enthusiasm, and it was as a foreign policy of U. S.

As for the Roosevelt corollary, it was substantial alteration of the Monroe doctrine in the 1904 by the U. S president Theodore Roosevelt. There are various examples of the Latin American countries that faced the intervention such as Brazil, Paraguay Argentina and Uruguay (left wing government countries).

            Monroe doctrine considered Latin America as agency for the expansion of commercial interests in U. S. and in the mean while keeping the European power.

The cause of interventions in the Latin American was due to the shift of powers in corporations and polarization of political elections system among the Latin American nations. The left wings parties attained power through elections and had never been attacked. As for the right wing government’s countries such as Chile, Peru and Colombia had closer relations with the united state.

In the most Latin American countries they have been growing poor as the neighboring countries (U. S.) grow richer, their elite elements grow richer and richer in their own societies. The Latin American on the other hand they depend on their great, great relatives for their future upkeep and they end up being less and less happy. They depend on inheritance . 

The U.S has ignored the other countries in terms of support and has led to ignorance of poverty and distress which has in turn has brought poverty and distress in the last eight years in the nations around Latin American countries.

According to the united state, it has been found to be an injustice since it has created poverty and stopped the development among the Latin countries.   

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